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Meet Miss Devin at Main Library!


"Favorite Superhero: Iron Man, because he's played by Robert Downey Jr. and so he is a super hero with an awesome sense of humor."

"Favorite Holiday: Halloween and Christmas battle it out as my favorite depending on which is coming up next. They couldn’t be more different, but I love them both so much. I love giving and coming together at Christmas, but I love decorating and dressing up on Halloween. You can’t make me pick just one, I’d feel like I was betraying the other.


Join Miss Devin at Main Library for Summer Library Program beginning June 8!

Miss Devin would like to recommend these super hero books!

My Mom Has X-Ray Vision by Angela McAllister
Recommended for ages 5 & up

Something strange is going on with Matthew’s mom, it’s like she has super powers. She can tell what he is doing when she is in the next room or even downstairs. The only explanation could be that she is a superhero with X-Ray vision. I think every kid, and adult who was a kid (that’s everyone right?!) will relate to parents having “X-Ray vision,” and knowing exactly what’s happening through those walls.




SuperHero ABC by Bob McLeod
Recommended for ages 4 to 8

This is a hilarious book filled with Superheroes, and let’s just say they are not your ordinary heroes. Sure they fly, leap and stop villains like other superheroes, but they each have their own unique way of doing things. For instance, Goo Girl shoots great goobs of goo at gangsters. If you’re looking for a laugh, learning your letters, or just want to try out some new superhero names, I suggest you check out this book.


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