Miss Heather at Butler and Lucas

heather personal photo Meet Miss Heather at Butler Branch and Lucas Branch!

"Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale...because she can talk to animals, has a fairy godmother, and finds love."

"First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen is the book I'm looking forward to reading this year, and I am looking forward to the release of the final Game of Thrones book, which I've been expecting for a couple of years now."


 Join Miss Heather!
Family Story Time at Butler Branch, Wednesdays @ 11 AM

Family Story Time at Lucas Branch, Tuesdays @ 11 AM

Miss Heather would like to recommend these fairy tales!

The Three Little Dinosaurs by Jim Harris
Recommended for ages 4 to 8

A classic fairy tale, with a twist, awaits readers of The Three Little Dinosaurs by Jim Harris. What happens when three young dinos are sent out into the world to build themselves houses and begin life on their own? Will they make the preparations to protect themselves from the Big Bad Tyrannosaurus Rex? Can he huff and puff to blow their houses down, or might a bucket of water somehow aide this antagonist? Children of all ages are sure to enjoy this dinosaur tale, but children in second grade and up will delight in their ability to compare and contrast these classic stories.




Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella by Tony Johnston
Recommended for ages 4 to 8

Take away the royal castle and immerse yourself in the Pacific Northwest’s redwood forest, filled with ancient tall trees, bright yellow banana slugs, and scruffy haired bigfoots, and you’ve settled yourself in for a hilarious twist on a classic fairy tale. When a bigfoot is the charming one all the gals are after, odoriferous is more the way to go to get his attention! Whether it is giant redwood clogs or brushes to tangle up hair, this story gives new direction to what it takes to be the belle of the ball. I think children in second grade and up will enjoy this tale.


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