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Miss Heather at Butler and Lucas

heather personal photo 


 Meet Miss Heather at Butler Branch and Lucas Branch!

"My favorite family film is
The Neverending Story."

"My favorite thing to do in the snow is ski.  I also love to watch the snow swirl around lights at night."



Miss Heather would like to recommend these advanced readers!


Ready Freddy! series by Abby Klein
Recommended for ages 6 - 8

The Ready Freddy! book series by Abby Klein centers around the humorous and adventurous life of Freddy, his family and his first grade classmates.  I like these books because they are easy to connect with, they have fun activity pages at the end, and they always start with a short entry from Freddy stating that he has a really big problem, what it is, and that he wants to tell us about it (and so the story begins).


Third Grade Detectives series by George E. Stanley
Recommended for ages 7 - 10

The Third Grade Detectives series by George E. Stanley centers around a class of third grade students and their former spy, turned teacher, Mr. Merlin.  He helps the students learn to solve mysteries by guiding them with special clues and questions in code format.  I like these books because a mystery is always solved and it is fun trying to decode the hints!


Join Miss Heather for Family Story Time at Butler Branch, Wednesdays @ 11 AM,
or Lucas Branch, Tuesdays @ 11 AM

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