Miss Heather at Butler and Lucas

heather personal photo Meet Miss Heather at Butler Branch
and Lucas Branch!

"My favorite summer activity is reading a book poolside.  I love to feel the sunshine, I love to read, and I love to swim.  The best part about reading poolside is knowing I can get cooled off in an instant.  Ah!"

"The most exciting science experiment that comes to mind is an extremely simple one that helps explain surface tension, an cohesive property of water.  Sprinkling pepper in a cup of water, then dipping a toothpick into dish soap and then into the center of the peppered water really doesn't sound too exciting, I know...  But, the speed of the reaction that is created is most definitely a jaw dropper!  If you've never tried this, you really ought to!"


Miss Heather would like to recommend these science books!


Matter Matters! Super Science, Crammed with Pop-Up Fun! by Tom Adams
Recommended for ages 8 & up

This is the first informational science book that literally had me shouting 'WOW' in my head!  It does a superb job at explaining concepts and principles in a friendly, organized and not overwhelming manner.  The bright colors, pop-ups, tabs to pull, and flaps to lift provide an excellent format to inspire interest to read every last bit of information provided.  Very simple experiments are offered to get a hands-on approach to assimilating the information and reinforcing understanding.  I think children in third grade and up would enjoy this book.


Nature Got There First by Phil Gates
Recommended for ages 7 & up

This book does a great job at pointing out many ways our modern world has been inspired by nature. It's large pictures and general explanations are perfect for a beginning exploration into scientific thinking.  Scientists are taught to constantly observe the world around them, look for patterns, and ask questions.  From clay pots to Velcro, antifreeze to earth boring machines, solar energy to running shoes; this book has a wealth of ideas to ponder. Children will understand that humanity has been observant of the world surrounding them and realize how asking questions can lead to inventing ways for people to benefit from these observations.  I recommend this book to children in second grade and up.


Join Miss Heather at Butler Branch and Lucas Branch for SLP 2014 Fizz, Boom, Read!,
beginning June 1

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