Miss Deborah at Main

deborah personal photo


Meet Miss Deborah at Main Library!

"My favorite summer activity: reading on the beach."

"The most exciting science activity: watching the dolphins jump in the ocean waves."




Miss Deborah would like to recommend these science books!

Olivia Helps Mother Nature by Lauren Forte
Recommended for ages 6 - 8

Olivia finds ways for her family to save energy. When Ian wants to keep the lights on while he sleeps, Olivia figures out a creative way to help him while saving energy. This easy reader will be popular with Olivia fans.


What Goes On in My Head? by Robert Winston
Recommended for ages 7 - 12

This explains how your brain works. Why do you dream? What makes you happy? How does your brain control your body? This fascinating DK book will keep your brain busy for hours.


Miss Deborah is the Outreach Librarian for Children and Adult Services

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