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Miss Caroline at Main

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Meet Miss Caroline at Main Library!

"My favorite children's author is E.B. White, and as much as I enjoyed Charlotte's Web, I think I liked The Trumpet of the Swan even more."

"My favorite subject in school was Reading & Language Arts probably because I love to read so much!"


Miss Caroline would like to recommend these juvenile audiobooks!

Almost Super by Marion Jensen
Read by Mike Chamberlain; 6 hours

Recommended for ages 8 to 12

This is an awesome story about a family of superheroes and a family of super villains.  But which is which?  They both think THEY are the superheroes and the OTHER family are the super villains.  And that's how it's been for as long as anyone can remember.  Every four years, on February 29th, each person in the Bailey and Johnson families over 12 gets a superpower.  This year, Rafter and Benny Bailey and Juanita Johnson get their powers; but it turns out their powers are not really all that super.  In the end, the kids work together to find the real villain (a Jones!) and realize that they don't actually need superpowers to be super.

Our family listens to audiobooks in the car as we drive from one place to the next.  I picked up Almost Super not knowing anything about it, but thoroughly enjoyed it, and encouraged my 9-year-old son to read the book after listening to it.  The narrator uses lots of different voices and sounds to distinguish each character, which makes it easy to tell who is speaking.  Each chapter has a clever title that previews what mischief and mayhem are coming up next.  All in all, a fun family-friendly audiobook with lots of kid appeal.


Storm Runners (#1) by Roland Smith
Read by
Recommended for ages



Join Miss Caroline at Main Library for Toddler Story Time, Wednesdays @ 10:30 AM

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