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"My favorite summertime activity is being outside watching baseball, either my younger son's team at the ball field or the Indians at Progressive Field!"

"My favorite experiment is when my older son and I made a lava lamp out of vegetable oil and colored water.  We put the two liquids in a jar and dropped in small pieces of fizzing antacid tablets, which made it look like the lava was boiling.  We gave it as a gift to a classmate.  It was a hit!"


Miss Caroline would like to recommend these science books!

11 Experiments That Failed by Jenny Offill
Recommended for ages 5 - 8

This is a humorous look at the kinds of experiments a only a child could come up with.  Things like covering the dog with glitter and wondering if a hamster needs a wheel as big as a Ferris Wheel are just the beginning of a young girl's testing of the scientific theory.  With her ever patient dog at her side, this girl realizes that not all ideas are good ones (a diet consisting of ketchup and snow equals a stomach ache and a brain freeze!), but armed with goggles, rubber gloves, and a lab coat, she discovers that it's fun to try them out anyway!


Castle under Siege! Simple Machines by Andrew Solway
Recommended for ages 7 - 10

Kids who are fascinated with knights and castles will enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at what simple machines are used in a castle for inhabitants to  prepare for and defend themselves during an enemy attack. Beginning from building the castle and following up with repairs after the attack, readers get an idea of what kinds of tools people used during the Middle Ages.  Kids may be surprised to learn that even though simple machines like wedges, screws, wheels, pulleys, and levers have been around for a long time, we still use them today.


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