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Fingerplays and Rhymes





Here are some simple fingerplays and rhymes you can try at home with your child.  Using finger puppets, puppets, and stuffed animals makes them even more fun.  Enjoy!

The theme this week for the fingerplays and rhymes is Houses.

houseMy Little House
I'm going to build a little house
With windows wide and bright. (Stretch arms out to sides)
With chimney tall and curling smoke
Rising out of sight. (Spiral hand upward)
In winter when the snowflakes fall
Or when I hear a storm, (Cup hand behind ear)
I'll go and sit inside my house
Where I'll be snug and warm. (Hug self)

Building a House by Diane Thomhouse
Building a house is lots of work, (Wipe brow)
First, you dig up lots of dirt. (Pretend to dig)
Then you pour a concrete floor,  (Touch floor)
And pound up boards with nails galore. (Pretend to hammer)
Doors and windows go in fast (Draw squares in air with finger)
Now your house is done at last. (Clasp hands together above head)

houseI Will Make a Little House
I will make a little house (Form roof shape with fingers)
Where two playmates come to hid. (Bend thumbs under roof)
When I peek in at the door, (Peek under roof)
They quickly run outside. (Pop thumbs back out)

A House for Mebee hive
Here is a nest for Mrs. Bluebird (Cup hands together)
Here is a hive for Mr. Bee (Place fist together)
Here is a hole for Bunny Rabbit (Form circle with thumb and finger)
And here is a house for me. (Form roof shape with fingers)

fish bowlWhere Do We Live? by Elizabeth McKinnon
A squirrel lives in a tree, (Form tree shape with hand)
A snail lives in a shell, (Cover fist with opposite hand)
A bear lives in a cave, (Make fist with thumb inside)
It suits her very well.

A fish lives in a fishbowl, (Form circle with hands)
A bird lives in a nest, (Cup hands together)
Matthew lives in a house, (Make roof about head with arms)He thinks his home is best.
(Substitute one of your children's name for Matthew)

Two Little Houses
Two little houses,

Closed up right. (Close fists)
Let's open the windows,
And let in some light . (Open fists)

windowSee the Window
See the window I have here,
So big and wide and square (Draw window in air with finger)
I can stand in front of it,
And see things out there. (Point out window)

  Check back next week for different fingerplays with a new theme!

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