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Here are some simple fingerplays and rhymes you can try at home with your child.  Using finger puppets, puppets, and stuffed animals makes them even more fun.  Enjoy!

The theme this week for the fingerplays and rhymes is Halloween.

Happy HalloweenHalloween
(tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Halloween is coming soon,
Coming soon, coming soon
Halloween is coming soon,
Boo, boo, boo!

owlSee the owl flying high
Flying high, flying high
See the owl flying high,
Hoot, hoot, hoot!

See the pumpkin glowing bright,
Glowing bright, glowing bright,
See the pumpkin glowing bright,
                                          On this Halloween night!

jack o lanternChildren laughing, having fun,
Having fun, having fun,
Children laughing, having fun
Giggle, giggle, giggle

Halloween is here today,
Here today, here today
Halloween is here today,
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!

Trick or Treat Trick or Treat
(Tune: Looby Lou )
Here we go trick-or-treat, here we go trick-or-treat,
Here we come down the street, all on a Halloween Night.
I sneak up on the porch,
I knock right on the door.
I fill my sack with lots of treats, and dash away for more.

GhostThe Ghost in the House
(tune: "The Wheels on the Bus")
The ghost in the house goes "boo boo boo,
Boo boo boo, boo boo boo"
The ghost in the house goes "boo boo boo"
On Halloween

Other verses:
MouseThe steps in the house go "creak creak creak"
The cats in the house go "meow meow meow"
The mice in the house go "squeak squeak squeak"
The people in the house go "eak eak eak"


Halloween is ComingCandy Corn
Halloween is coming, I like it the most.
I'll be a goblin, you can be a ghost.
(Point to self, then to other person)

When we're all dressed up, we will say,
"Boo! It's trick or treat toady!" (Make a face)

GhostDon't Be Afraid on Halloween
Listen to the sounds on Halloween.
(Cup hand behind ear)

Listen to the cries and groans.
Listen to the boos and the cackling laughs,
Listen to the sighs and moans.

Don't be afraid on Halloween, (Shake head)
Don't worry about what you hear.
                              For Halloween night is all make-believe,
                              And you have nothing to fear.

Halloween FlightOwl
Owls are flying in the sky,
(Do actions as rhyme indicates)

Swooping down, then back up high.
Ghosts are flying by on brooms,
In and out of haunted rooms.
Bats are flying to the moon,
They won't sleep till afternoon.

Check back next week for different fingerplays with a new theme!

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Updated 10/27/2014

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