Inspirational Fiction Author S

Gail Sattler:  Bloomfield Series

  1. Take the Trophy and Run
  2. When Pigs and Parrots Fly (ebook only)

Kim Vogel Sawyer: Sommerfeld Trilogy

  1. Bygones
  2. Beginnings
  3. Blessings

Kim Vogel Sawyer: Waiting for Summer's Return Series  (aka the Ollenberger Series)

  1. Waiting for Summer's Return
  2. Where the Heart Leads

Kim Vogel Sawyer:  Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy

  1. When Mercy Rains
  2. When Grace Sings
  3. When Love Returns

Anna Schmidt:  Women of Pinecraft Series

  1. A Stranger's Gift
  2. A Sister's Forgiveness
  3. A Mother's Promise

Anna Schmidt: Peacemakers Series

  1. All God's Children
  2. Simple Faith
  3. Safe Haven

Anna Schmidt:  Amish Brides of Celery Fields Series

  1. Hannah's Journey
  2. Family Blessings
  3. A Groom for Greta
  4. Second Chance Proposal

Lorna Seilstad:  Lake Manawa Series

  1. Making Waves
  2. A Great Catch
  3. The Ride of Her Life

Lorna Seilstad: Gregory Sisters Series

  1. When Love Calls
  2. While Love Stirs
  3. As Love Blooms

Rebeca Seitz: Sister’s, Ink Series

  1. Sister’s Ink
  2. Coming Unglued
  3. Scrapping Plans
  4. Perfect Piece

Adina Senft:  Amish Quilt Series

  1. The Wounded Heart
  2. The Hidden Life
  3. The Tempted Soul

Adina Senft:  Healing Grace Series

  1. Herb of Grace
  2. Keys of Heaven
  3. Balm of Gilead

Adina Senft: Whinburg Township Amish Series

  1. The Longest Road

Linda Evans Shepherd & Eva Marie Everson: Potluck Club Series

  1. The Potluck Club
  2. The Potluck Club:  Trouble's Brewing
  3. The Potluck Club: Takes the Cake

Linda Evans Shepherd & Eva Marie Everson: Potluck Catering Club Series

  1. The Secret's in the Sauce
  2. Taste of Fame
  3. Bake Until Golden

Ann Shorey: At Home in Beldon Grove Series

  1. The Edge of Light
  2. The Promise of Morning
  3. Dawn of a Dream

Beth Shriver:  Touch of Grace Series

  1. Annie's Truth
  2. Grace Given
  3. Healing Grace

Beth Shriver:  Spirit of the Amish Series

  1. Rumspringa's Hope
  2. Love's Abundant Harvest
  3. Redemption

Annette Smith: Coming Home to Ruby Prairie Series

  1. A Town Called Ruby Prairie
  2. A New Day at Tanglewood
  3. Charlotte Leaves the Light On

Debra White Smith: Austen Series

  1. First Impressions
  2. Reason and Romance
  3. Central Park
  4. Northpointe Chalet
  5. Amanda
  6. Possibilities

Jill Eileen Smith: The Wives of King David Series

  1. Michal
  2. Abigail
  3. Bathsheba

Jill Eileen Smith:  The Wives of the Patriarch Series

  1. Sarai
  2. Rebekah
  3. Rachel

Jill Eileen Smith:  Daughters of the Promised Land Series

  1. The Crimson Cord: Rahab's Story
  2. The Prophetess: Deborah's Story

Virginia Smith: Sister-to-Sister Series

  1. Stuck in the Middle
  2. Age Before Beauty
  3. Third Time's a Charm

Virginia Smith: Tales From the Goose Creek B&B Series

  1. The Most Famous Illegal Goose Creek Parade
  2. Renovating the Richardsons
  3. The Room With the Second-Best View

Lauraine Snelling: Red River of the North Series

  1. An Untamed Land
  2. A New Day Rising
  3. A Land to Call Home
  4. The Reaper’s Song
  5. Tender Mercies
  6. Blessing in Disguise

Lauraine Snelling: Return to Red River Series

  1. A Dream to Follow
  2. Believing the Dream
  3. More Than A Dream

Lauraine Snelling: A Secret Refuge Series

  1. Daughter of Twin Oaks
  2. Sisters of the Confederacy
  3. The Long Way Home

Lauraine Snelling: Daughters of Blessing Series

  1. A Promise for Ellie
  2. Sophie’s Dilemma
  3. A Touch of Grace
  4. Rebecca's Reward

Lauraine Snelling: Home to Blessing Series

  1. A Measure of Mercy
  2. No Distance Too Far
  3. A Heart for Home

Lauraine Snelling: The Dakotah Treasures Series

  1. Ruby
  2. Pearl
  3. Opal
  4. Amethyst

Lauraine Snelling: Wild West Wind Series

  1. Valley of Dreams
  2. Whispers in the Wind
  3. A Place to Belong

Lauraine Snelling:  Songs of Blessing Series

  1. To Everything a Season
  2. Harvest of Hope
  3. Streams of Mercy
  4. From This Day Forward

J.E.B. Spredemann:  Amish Secrets Series

  1. An Unforgivable Secret
  2. Secret Encounter
  3. A Secret of the Heart

Audrey Stallsmith: Thyme Will Tell Mysteries

  1. Rosemary for Remembrance
  2. Marigolds for Mourning
  3. Roses for Regret

Jim Stovall: Ultimate Series

  1. Ultimate Gift
  2. Ultimate Life
  3. Ulimate Journey
  4. Ultimate Legacy

Sarah Sundin:  Wings of Glory Series

  1. A Distant Melody
  2. A Memory Between Us
  3. Blue Skies Tomorrow

Sarah Sundin:  Wings of the Nightingale Series

  1. With Every Letter
  2. On Distant Shores
  3. In Perfect Time

Sarah Sundin:  Waves of Freedom Series

  1. Through Waters Deep
  2. Anchor in the Storm


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