Inspirational Fiction Author R

Deborah Raney:  Clayburn Novels

  1. Remember to Forget
  2. Leaving November
  3. Yesterday's Embers

Deborah Raney: Natalie Camfield Series

  1. Beneath the Southern Sky
  2. After the Rains

Deborah Raney: Hanover Falls Series

  1. Almost Forever
  2. Forever After
  3. After All

Deborah Raney:  Chicory Inn Series

  1. Home to Chicory Lane

Ruth Reid:  Heaven on Earth Series

  1. Promise of an Angel
  2. Brush of Angel's Wings
  3. An Angel by Her Side

Ruth Reid: Amish Wonders Series

  1. A Miracle of Hope
  2. A Woodland Miracle

Pam Rhodes:  Dunbridge Chronicles Series

  1. Fisher of Men
  2. Casting the Net

Lois Richer: Camp Hope Series

  1. Dangerous Sanctuary
  2. Forgotten Justice
  3. Shadowed Secrets

Lois Richer: Pennies From Heaven Series

  1. Healing Tides
  2. Heart's Haven
  3. Cowboy's Honor

Francine Rivers: Mark of the Lion Series

  1. A Voice in the Wind
  2. An Echo in the Darkness
  3. As Sure As the Dawn

Francine Rivers: Lineage of Grace Series

  1. Unveiled
  2. Unashamed
  3. Unshaken
  4. Unspoken
  5. Unafraid

Francine Rivers: Sons of Encouragement Series

  1. The Priest
  2. The Warrior
  3. The Prince
  4. The Prophet
  5. The Scribe

Sandra Robbins: Smokey Mountain Dreams Series

  1. Angel of the Cove
  2. Mountain Homecoming

Martha Rogers: Winds Across the Prairie Series

  1. Becoming Lucy
  2. Morning For Dove
  3. Finding Becky
  4. Caroline's Choice
  5. Amelia's Journey

Martha Rogers:  Seasons of the Heart Series

  1. Summer Dream
  2. Autumn Song
  3. Winter Promise
  4. Spring Hope

Gayle Roper: Amish Farm Trilogy

  1. A Stranger's Wish
  2. Secret Identity
  3. Rose Revealed

Gayle Roper: Amhearst Series

  1. Caught in the Middle
  2. Caught in the Act
  3. Caught in a Bind
  4. Caught Redhanded

Gayle Roper: Seaside Seasons Series

  1. Spring Rain
  2. Summer Shadows
  3. Autumn Dreams
  4. Winter Winds

Gayle Roper: Seaside Mystery Series

  1. Shadows on the Sand

Gayle Roper:  Between Two Worlds Series

  1. An Unexpected Match

James L. Rubart:  Well Spring Series

  1. Soul's Gate
  2. Memory's Door

Nancy Rue & Stephen Arterburn: A Sullivan Crisp Series

  1. Healing Stones
  2. Healing Waters
  3. Healing Sands

Patricia Rushford: Helen Bradley Mysteries

  1. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
  2. Red Sky in Mourning
  3. A Haunting Refrain
  4. When Shadows Fall

Patricia Rushford: Angel Delaney Series

  1. Deadly Aim
  2. Dying to Kill
  3. As Good As Dead

Patricia Rushford: McCallister Files Series

  1. Secrets, Lies, and Alibis
  2. Deadfall
  3. Terminal nine
  4. She Who Watches

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