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Catherine Palmer: African Gems Series

  1. The Treasure of Timbuktu
  2. The Treasure of Zanzibar

Catherine Palmer: Treasures of the Heart Series

  1. A Kiss of Adventure
  2. A Whisper of Danger
  3. A Touch of Betrayal
  4. Sunrise Song

Catherine Palmer: Finders Keepers Series

  1. Finders Keepers
  2. Hide and Seek

Catherine Palmer: English Ivy Series

  1. English Ivy
  2. Wild Heather
  3. Sweet Violet
  4. A Victorian Rose

Catherine Palmer: Town Called Hope Series

  1. Prairie Rose
  2. Prairie Fire
  3. Prairie Storm
  4. Prairie Christmas

Catherine Palmer: Miss Pickworth Series

  1. The Affectionate Adversary
  2. The Bachelor’s Bargain
  3. The Courteous Cad

Catherine Palmer & Gary Chapman: Four Seasons Series

  1. It Happens Every Spring
  2. Summer Breeze
  3. Falling for you again
  4. Winter Turns to Spring

Gary E. Parker: Blue Ridge Legacy Series

  1. Highland Hopes
  2. Highland Mercies
  3. Highland Grace

Carrie Stuart Parks: Gwen Marcey Series

  1. Cry From the Dust
  2. The Bones Will Speak
  3. When Death Draws Near

Delia Parr: Candlewood Trilogy

  1. A Hearth In Candlewood
  2. Refining Emma
  3. Where Love Dwells

Delia Parr:  At Home in Trinity Series

  1. The Midwife's Tale

Robin Parrish: The Dominion Trilogy

  1. Relentless
  2. Fearless
  3. Merciless

Craig Parshall:  Trevor Black Series

  1. The Occupied

Daniel Patterson: Devil's Game Thriller Series

  1. The Devil's Game

Beth Pattillo: Sweetgum Ladies Series

  1. The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society
  2. The Sweetgum Laides Knit for Love

Jane Peart: Westward Dreams Series

  1. Runaway Heart
  2. Promise of the Valley
  3. Where Tomorrow Waits
  4. A Distant Dawn
  5. Undaunted Spirit

Judith Pella: Texas Angel Series

  1. Texas Angel
  2. Heaven’s Road

Judith Pella: Daughters of Fortune Series

  1. Written on the Wind
  2. Somewhere A Song
  3. Toward the Sunrise
  4. Homeward My Heart

Judith Pella: Patchwork Circle Series

  1. Bachelor’s Puzzle
  2. Sister’s Choice

Judith Pella & Tracie Peterson: Ribbons West Series

  1. Westward the Dream
  2. Separate Roads
  3. Ties that Bind

Judith Pella & Tracie Peterson: Ribbons of Steel Series

  1. Distant Dreams
  2. A Hope Beyond
  3. A Promise for Tomorrow

Jane Myers Perrine: Tales From Butternut Creek Series

  1. The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek
  2. The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek
  3. The Wedding Planners from Butternut Creek

Marta Perry: Pleasant Valley Series

  1. Leah's Choice
  2. Rachel's Garden
  3. Anna's Return
  4. Sarah's Gift
  5. Katie's Way
  6. Hannah's Joy
  7. Naomi's Christmas

Marta Perry:  Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley Series

  1. Lydia's Hope
  2. Susanna's Dream

Marta Perry:  Keepers of the Promise Series

  1. The Forgiven
  2. The Rescued

Trish Perry: Beach House Series

  1. The Guy I'm Not Dating
  2. Too Good to be True
  3. Beach Dreams
  4. Sunset Beach

Trish Perry:  Tea Shop Series

  1. Perfect Blend
  2. Tea of Two

Jolina Petersheim:  Alliance Series

  1. The Alliance 
  2. The Divide

Tracie Peterson: Brides of Gallatin County Series

  1. A Promise to Believe In
  2. A Love to Last Forever
  3. A Dream to Call My Own

Tracie Peterson:  Song of Alaska Series

  1. Dawn's Prelude
  2. Morning's Refrain
  3. Twilight's Serendade

Tracie Peterson: Yukon Quest Series

  1. Treasures of the North
  2. Ashes and Ice
  3. Rivers of Gold

Tracie Peterson: Westward Chronicles Series

  1. A Shelter of Hope
  2. Hidden in a Whisper
  3. A Veiled Reflection

Tracie Peterson: Desert Rose Series

  1. Shadows of the Canyon
  2. Across the Years
  3. Beneath A Harvest Sky

Tracie Peterson: Heirs of Montana Series

  1. Land of my Heart
  2. Coming Storm
  3. To Dream Anew
  4. Hope Within

Tracie Peterson & Judith Miller: Lights of Lowell Series

  1. A Tapestry of Hope
  2. A Love Woven True
  3. The Pattern of Her Heart

Tracie Peterson: Alaskan Quest Series

  1. Summer of the Midnight Sun
  2. Under the Northern Lights
  3. Whispers of Winter

Tracie Peterson: Ladies of Liberty Series

  1. A Lady of High Regard
  2. A Lady of Hidden Intent
  3. A Lady of Secret Devotion

Tracie Peterson:  Striking a Match Series

  1. Embers of Love
  2. Hearts Aglow
  3. Hope Rekindled

Tracie Peterson: Bridal Veil Island Series

  1. To Have and To Hold
  2. To Love and Cherish
  3. To Honor and Trust

Tracie Peterson: Land of the Lone Star Series

  1. Chasing the Sun
  2. Touching the Sky
  3. Taming the Wind

Tracie Peterson:  Lone Star Brides Series

  1. A Sensible Arrangement
  2. A Moment in Time
  3. A Matter of Heart

Tracie Peterson:  Land of Shining Water Series

  1. The Icecutter's Daughter
  2. The Quarryman's Bride
  3. The Miner's Lady

Tracie Peterson:  Brides of Seattle Series

  1. The Steadfast Heart
  2. Refining Fire
  3. Love Everlasting

Tracie Peterson: Sapphire Brides Series

  1. A Treasure Concealed
  2. A Beauty Rifined
  3. A Love Transformed

Tracie Peterson & Judith Miller: The Broadmoor Legacy Series

  1. A Daughter's Inheritance
  2. An Unexpected Love
  3. A Surrendered Heart

Tracie Peterson with James Scott Bell: Shannon Saga Series

  1. City of Angels
  2. Angels Flight
  3. Angel of Mercy

Tracie Peterson with Kimberley Woodhouse: Heart of Alaska Series

  1. In the Shadow of Denali

Tracie Peterson: Heart of Frontier Series

  1.  Treasured Grace

Dani Pettrey:  Alaskan Courage Series

  1. Submerged
  2. Shattered
  3. Stranded
  4. Silenced
  5. Sabotaged

Dani Pettrey:  Chesapeake Valor Series

  1. Cold Shot
  2. Still Life

Michael Phillips: Journals of Corrie & Christopher Series

  1. The Braxtons of Mineral Springs
  2. A New Beginning

Michael Phillips: Secret of the Rose Series

  1. The Eleventh Hour
  2. A Rose Remembered
  3. Escape to Freedom
  4. Dawn of Liberty

Michael Phillips: Secrets of Heathersleigh Hall Series

  1. Wild Grows the Heather in Devon
  2. Wayward Winds
  3. Heathersleigh Homecoming
  4. A New Dawn Over Devon

Michael Phillips: Shenandoah Sisters Series

  1. Angels Watching Over Me
  2. A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton
  3. The Color of Your Skin Ain’t the Color of Your Heart
  4. Together is All We Need

Michael Phillips: Carolina Cousins Series

  1. A Perilous Proposal
  2. The Soldier’s Lady
  3. Never Too Late
  4. Miss Katie’s Rosewood
  1. Michael Phillips: American Dreams Series
  1. Dream of Freedom
  2. Dream of Life
  3. Dream of Love

Michael Phillips: Secrets of the Shetlands Series

  1. The Inheritance
  2. The Cottage

Allison Pittman: Crossroads of Grace Series

  1. Ten Thousand Charms
  2. Speak Through the Wind
  3. With Endless Sight

Allison Pittman:  Sister-Wife Series

  1. For Time and Eternity
  2. Forsaking All Others

Sarah Price: Plain Fame Series 

  1. Plain Fame
  2. Plain Change
  3. Plain Again
  4. Plain Christmas 

Sarah Price:  Amish of Lancaster Series

  1. Fields of Corn
  2. Hills of Wheat
  3. Pastures of Faith
  4. Valley of Hope

Sarah Price:  Amish Classics Series

  1. First Impressions
  2. The Matchmaker
  3. Second Chances


Murray Pura:  Snapshots in History Series

  1. Wings of Morning
  2. The Face of Heaven

Murray Pura:  Danforths of Lancashire Series

  1. Ashton Park
  2. Beneath the Dover Sky

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