Inspirational Fiction Author M

Susan Anne Mason: Courage to Dream Series

  1. Irish Meadows
  2. A Worthy Heart 
  3. Love's Faithful Promise

Susan Anne Mason: Rainbow Falls Trilogy

  1. Betrayed Hearts 
  2. Wayward Hearts 

Lorena McCourtney: Ivy Malone Series

  1. Invisible
  2. In Plain Sight
  3. On the Run
  4. Stranded
  5. Go, Ivy, Go (ebook only)
Lorena McCourtney: Julesburg Mysteries
  1. Whirlpool
  2. Riptide
  3. Undertow

Lorena McCourtney: Cate Kinkaid Files Series

  1. Dying to Read
  2. Dolled Up to Die
  3. Death Takes a Ride

Vickie McDonough: Texas Boardinghouse Brides Series

  1. The Anonymous Bride
  2. Second Chance Brides
  3. Finally a Bride

Vickie McDonough: Pioneer Promises Series

  1. Whispers on the Prairie
  2. Call of the Prairie
  3. Song of the Prairie

Vickie McDonough: Land Rush Dreams Series

  1. Gabriel's Atonement
  2. Joline's Redemption
  3. Sarah's Surrender

Sharlene MacLaren: Little Hickman Creek Series

  1. Loving Liza Jane
  2. Sarah, My Beloved
  3. Courting Emma

Sharlene MacLaren: Daughters of Jacob Kane Series

  1. Hannah Grace
  2. Maggie Rose
  3. Abbie Ann

Sharlene MacLaren: River of Hope Series

  1. Livvie's Song
  2. Ellie's Haven
  3. Sofia's Secret

Sharlene MacLaren: Tennessee Dreams Series

  1. Heart of Mercy
  2. Threads of Joy
  3. Gift of Grace

Kathryn Mackel: Christian Chiller Series

  1. Vanished

Charles Martin: Awakening Series

  1. The Dead Don’t Dance
  2. Maggie

Debby Mayne:  Class Reunion Series

  1. Pretty is as Pretty Does
  2. Bless Her Heart
  3. Tickled Pink

Nancy Mehl:  Road to Kingdom Series

  1. Inescapable
  2. Unbreakable
  3. Unforseeable

Nancy Mehl:  Finding Sanctuary Series

  1. Gathering Shadows
  2. Deadly Echoes
  3. Rising Darkness

Nancy Mehl:  Defenders of Justice Series

  1. Fatal Frost
  2. Dark Deception

Susan Meissner: Rachael Flynn Series

  1. Widows and Orphans
  2. Sticks and Stones
  3. Days and Hours

Calvin Miller: King of Prussia Series (AKA Seasons of Penny Series or Snow Series)

  1. Snow
  2. Wind
  3. Shade
  4. Frost

Carolyn Miller: Regency Brides: A Legacy of Grace Series

  1. The Elusive Miss Ellison
  2. The Captivating Lady Charlotte

J.M.T (Janice) Miller: Elk Head Creek Saga Series

  1. Winter’s Fire
  2. McCannon’s Country

Judith Miller (also Judith McCoy Miller): Daughters of Amana Series

  1. Somewhere to Belong
  2. More Than Words
  3. A Bound Never Broken

Judith Miller (also Judith McCoy Miller): Postcards from Pullman Series

  1. In the Company of Secrets
  2. Whispers Along the Rails
  3. An Uncertain Dream

Judith Miller (also Judith McCoy Miller): Refined By Love Series

  1. The Brickmaker's Bride
  2. The Potter's Lady
  3. The Artisan's Wife

Judith Miller (also Judith McCoy Miller): Freedom’s Path Series

  1. First Dawn
  2. Morning Sky
  3. Daylight Comes

DiAnn Mills: Texas Legacy Series

  1. Leather and Lace
  2. Lanterns and Lace
  3. Lightning and Lace
  4. A Texas Legacy Christmas

DiAnn Mills: Call of Duty Series

  1. Breach of Trust
  2. Sworn to Protect
  3. Pursuit of Justice

DiAnn Mills:  FBI: Houston

  1. Firewall
  2. Double Cross
  3. Deadlock

DiAnn Mills:  FBI Task Force Series

  1. Deadly Encounter
  2. Deep Extraction 

Joyce Magnin Moccero: Bright's Pond Series

  1. Prayers of Agnes Sparrow
  2. Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise
  3. Griselda Takes Flight
  4. Blame It On the Mistletoe

Kathleen Morgan: Brides of Culdee Creek Series

  1. Daughter of Joy
  2. Woman of Grace
  3. Lady of Light
  4. Child of Promise

Kathleen Morgan: These Highland Hills Series

  1. Child of the Mist
  2. Wings of Morning
  3. A Fire Within

Kathleen Morgan: Heart of the Rockies Series

  1. A Heart Divided
  2. A Love Forbidden

Gilbert Morris: American Century Series

  1. A Bright Tomorrow aka A Time to be Born
  2. Hope Takes Flight aka A time to Die
  3. One Shining Moment aka  A Time to Laugh
  4. A Season of Dreams aka A Time to Weep
  5. Winds of Change aka A Time for War
  6. Pages of Promise aka A Time to Build

Gilbert Morris: House of Winslow Series

  1. The Honorable Imposter
  2. The Captive Bride
  3. The Indentured Heart
  4. The Gentle Rebel
  5. The Saintly Buccaneer
  6. The Holy Warrior
  7. The Reluctant Bridegroom
  8. The Last Confederate
  9. The Dixie Widow
  10. The Wounded Yankee
  11. The Union Belle
  12. The Final Adversary
  13. The Crossed Sabres
  14. The Valiant Gunman
  15. The Gallant Outlaw
  16. The Jeweled Spur
  17. The Yukon Queen
  18. The Rough Rider
  19. The Iron Lady
  20. The Silver Star
  21. Shadow Portrait
  22. White Hunter
  23. Flying Cavalier
  24. Glorious Prodigal
  25. The Amazon Quest
  26. The Golden Angel
  27. The Heavenly Fugitive
  28. The Fiery Ring
  29. The Pilgrim Song
  30. The Beloved Enemy
  31. The Shining Badge
  32. The Royal Handmaid
  33. The Silent Harp
  34. The Virtuous Woman
  35. The Gypsy Moon
  36. The Unlikely Allies
  37. The High Calling
  38. The Hesitant Hero
  39. The Widow’s Choice
  40. The White Knight

Gilbert Morris: Winslow Breed Series

  1. Honor in the Dust
  2. When the Heavens Fall
  3. As the Sparks Fly Upward

Gilbert Morris: Lions of Judah Series

  1. Heart of a Lion
  2. No Woman So Fair
  3. The Gate of Heaven
  4. Till Shiloh comes
  5. By Way of the Wilderness
  6. Daughter of Deliverance

Gilbert Morris: Lone Star Legacy Series

  1. Deep in the Heart
  2. The Yellow Rose
  3. The Eyes of Texas

Gilbert Morris: Singing River Series

  1. The Homeplace
  2. The Dream
  3. The Miracle
  4. The Courtship

Gilbert Morris:  Western Justice Series

  1. Rosa's Land
  2. Sabrina's Man
  3. Raina's Choice

Gilbert Morris: Jacques & Cleo Series

  1. What the Cat Dragged In
  2. The Cat’s Pajamas
  3. When the Cat’s Away

Gilbert Morris:  Lady Trent Mystery Series

  1. The Mermaid in the Basement
  2. A Conspiracy of Ravens
  3. Sonnet to a Dead Contessa

Gilbert Morris: Wagon Wheel Series

  1. Santa Fe Woman
  2. A Man for Temperance
  3. Joelle's Secret
  4. Angel Train

Gilbert Morris & Aaron McCarver: Spirit of Appalachia Series

  1. Over the Misty Mountains
  2. Beyond the Quiet Hills
  3. Among the King’s Soldiers
  4. Beneath the Mockingbird’s Wings
  5. Around the River’s Bend

Nancy Moser: Steadfast Series

  1. Steadfast Surrender
  2. The Ultimatum

Nancy Moser & Vonette Z. Bright: Sister Circle Series

  1. The Sister Circle
  2. ‘Round the corner
  3. An Undivided Heart
  4. A Place to Belong

Victoria Christopher Murray (with RaShonda Tate Billingsley) : Sinners and Saints Series

  1. Sinners and Saints
  2. Friends and Foes

Elizabeth Musser: Mary Swan Middleton Series (aka Swan House Series)

  1. The Swan House
  2. The Dwelling Place

Elizabeth Musser:  Secrets of the Cross Trilogy

  1. Two Crosses
  2. Two Testaments
  3. Two Destinies

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