Inspirational Fiction Author L

Al Lacy:   Battle of Destiny Series

  1. A Promise Unbroken: Battle of Rich Mountain
  2. A Heart Divided
  3. Beloved Enemy: Battle of First Bull Run
  4. Shadowed Memories: Battle of Shiloh
  5. Joy from Ashes: Battle of Fredericksburg
  6. Season of Valor: Battle of Gettysburg
  7. Wings of the Wind: Battle of Antietam
  8. Turn of Glory: Battle of Chancellorville

Al Lacy and Joanna Lacy:  Dreams of Gold Trilogy

  1. Wings of Riches
  2. Forbidden Hills
  3. The Golden Stairs

Al Lacy and Joanna Lacy:  Frontier Doctor Trilogy

  1. One More Sunrise
  2. Beloved Physician
  3. The Heart Remembers

Al Lacy and Joanna Lacy: Place to Call Home Series

  1. Cherokee Rose
  2. Bright are the Stars
  3. The Land of Promise

Al Lacy and Johanna Lacy:  Return of the Stranger Series

  1. Outlaw Marshal
  2. Deadlock
  3. The Iron Wagon

Sarah E. Ladd: Whispers on the Moors Series

  1. The Heiress of Winterwood
  2. The Headmistress of Rosemere
  3. A Lady at Willowgrove Hall

Sarah E. Ladd:  Treasures of Surrey Series

  1. The Curiosity Keeper
  2. Dawn at Emberwilde
  3. A Stranger at Fellsworth
Beverly LaHaye and Terri Blackstock :  Seasons Series
  1. Seasons Under Heaven
  2. Showers in Season
  3. Times and Seasons
  4. Season of Blessing

Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins:   Left Behind Series

  1. Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days
  2. Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind
  3. Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist
  4. Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides
  5. Apollyon: The Destroyer Unleashed
  6. Assassins: Jerusalem, Target: Antichrist
  7. The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession
  8. The Mark: The Beast Rules the World
  9. Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne
  10. Remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon
  11. Armageddon:  The Cosmic Battle of the Ages
  12. Glorious Appearing: The End of Days
  13. Kingdom Come:  The Final Victory

Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins:   Left Behind Prequels: Countdown to the Rapture

  1. The Rising:  AntiChrist is Born
  2. The Regime: Evil Advances
  3. The Rapture:  In the Twinkling of an Eye
Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins:   The Jesus Chronicles Series
  1. John’s Story:  The Last Eyewitness
  2. Mark’s Story:  The Gospel According to Peter
  3. Luke's Story: by Faith Alone
  4. Matthew's Story: From Sinner to Saint

Tim LaHaye & Bob Phillips:  Babylon Rising Series

  1. Babylon Rising (with Gregory S. Dinallo)
  2. The Secret on Ararat
  3. The Europa Conspiracy
  4. The Edge of Darkness

Tim LaHaye (with Craig Parshall): End Series

  1. Edge of Apocalypse
  2. Thunder of Heaven
  3. Brink of Chaos
  4. Mark of Evil

Sally Laity with Dianna Crawford:  Harwood House Trilogy

  1. Rose's Pledge
  2. Mariah's Quest
  3. Lily's Plight

C.S. Lakin:  Gates of Heaven Series

  1. The Wolf of Tebron
  2. The Map Across Time
  3. The Land of Darkness
  4. The Unraveling of Wentwater
  5. The Crystal Scepter
  6. The Sands of Ethryn
  7. The Hidden Kingdom

Jill Marie Landis:  Irish Angel Series

  1. Heart of Stone
  2. Heart of Lies
  3. Heart of Glass

Michael Landon Jr.:  Mercy Medallion Trilogy

  1. Traces of Mercy
  2. Finding Mercy

Stephanie Landsem: Living Water Series

  1. The Well
  2. The Thief
  3. The Tomb

Maureen Lang:   Great War Series

  1. Look to the East
  2. Whisper on the Wind
  3. Springtime of the Spirit

Maureen Lang:  Oak Leaves Series

  1. The Oak Leaves
  2. On Sparrow Hill

Rosalind Lauer: Seasons of Lancaster

  1. A Simple Winter
  2. A Simple Spring
  3. A Simple Autumn

Rosalind Lauer:  Lancaster Crossroads Series

  1. A Simple Faith
  2. A Simple Hope
  3. A Simple Charity

Steve Lawhead:   Song of Albion Series

  1. The Paradise War
  2. The Silver Hand
  3. The Endless Knot

Steve Lawhead:  King Raven Trilogy

  1. Hood
  2. Scarlet
  3. Tuck

Steve Lawhead:  Bright Empires Series

  1. The Skin Map
  2. The Bone House
  3. The Spirit Well
  4. The Shadow Lamp
  5. The Fatal Tree

Tosca Lee: Descendants of the House of Bathory Series

  1. The Progeny
  2. Firstborn

Tamara Leigh:  Southern Discomfort Series

  1. Leaving Carolina
  2. Nowhere Carolina
  3. Restless in Carolina

Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit:  Worthington Destiny Series

  1. A Perfect Ambition
Bonnie Leon:   Northern Lights Series
  1. The Journey of Eleven Moons
  2. In the Land of White Nights
  3. Return to the Misty Shore

Bonnie Leon:    Matanuska Series

  1. Valley of Promises
  2. Worthy of Riches
  3. Home At Last

Bonnie Leon:   Sydney Cove Series

  1. To Love Anew
  2. Longings of the Heart
  3. Enduring Love

Bonnie Leon:  Alaskan Skies Series

  1. Touching the Clouds
  2. Wings of Promise
  3. Joy Takes Flight
Julie Lessman:   The Daughters of Boston Series
  1. A Passion Most Pure
  2. A Passion Redeemed
  3. A Passion Denied

Julie Lessman:  Winds of Change Series

  1. A Hope Undaunted
  2. A Heart Revealed
  3. A Love Surrendered

Julie Lessman: Heart of San Francisco Series

  1. Love at Any Cost
  2. Dare to Love Again
  3. Surprised by Love

Beverly Lewis:   The Heritage of Lancaster County Series

  1. The Shunning
  2. The Confession
  3. The Reckoning

Beverly Lewis:  Amish Country Crossroads Series

  1. The Postcard
  2. The Crossroad
  3. Sanctuary (with David Lewis)

Beverly Lewis:  Abram’s Daughters Series

  1. The Covenant
  2. The Betrayal
  3. The Sacrifice
  4. The Prodigal
  5. The Revelation
Beverly Lewis:  Annie’s People Series
  1. The Preacher’s Daughter
  2. The Englisher
  3. The Brethren

Beverly Lewis:  Seasons of Grace Series

  1. The Secret
  2. The Missing
  3. The Telling

Beverly Lewis:  The Courtship of Nellie Fisher Series

  1. The Parting
  2. The Forbidden
  3. The Longing

Beverly Lewis: The Rose Trilogy

  1. The Thorn
  2. The Judgment
  3. The Mercy

Beverly Lewis: Home to Hickory Hollow Series

  1. The Fiddler
  2. The Bridesmaid
  3. The Guardian
  4. The Secret Keeper
  5. The Last Bride

Sherri Lewis: Soul Series

  1. My Soul Cries Out
  2. Selling My Soul

Amy Lillard: Clover Ridge Series

  1. Saving Gideon
  2. Katie's Choice
  3. Gabriel's Bride

Amy Lillard: Well's Landing Series

  1. Caroline's Secret
  2. Courting Emily
  3. Lorie's Heart
  4. Just Plain Sadie
  5. Titus Returns
  6. Marrying Jonah  

Robert Liparulo: Immortal Files Series

  1. The Thirteenth Tribe
  2. The Judgment Stone

Bryan M. Litfin:  Chiveis Trilogy

  1. The Sword
  2. The Gift
  3. The Kingdom

Kate Lloyd:  Legacy of Lancaster Series

  1. Leaving Lancaster
  2. Pennsylvania Patchwork
  3. Forever Amish

Hillary Manton Lodge: Plain and Simple Series

  1. Plain Jayne
  2. Simply Sara

Kelly Long:  Patch of Heaven Series

  1. Sarah's Garden
  2. Lilly's Wedding Quilt
  3. Threads of Grace

Kelly Long:  Ice Mountain Series

  1. The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain 
  2. An Amish Man of Ice Mountain 
  3. The Amish Heart of Ice Mountain

Loree Lough:  First Responders Series

  1. From Ashes to Honor
  2. Honor Redeemed
  3. A Man of Honor

Loree Lough:  Lone Star Legends Series

  1. Beautiful Bandit
  2. Maverick Heart
  3. Unbridled Hope

Loree Lough:  Secrets of Sterling Street Series

  1. Currency of the Heart
  2. Guardians of the Heart

Dorothy Love:  Hickory Ridge Romance Series

  1. Beyond All Measure
  2. Beauty For Ashes
  3. Every Perfect Gift

Elizabeth Ludwig: Edge of Freedom Series

  1. No Safe Harbor
  2. Dark Road Home
  3. Tide and Tempest

Christine Lynxwiler: The McCord Sisters Series

  1. The Reluctant Cowgirl
  2. Cowgirl at Heart

Christine Lynxwiler: The Pinky Promise Sisterhood Series

  1. Promise Me Always
  2. Along Came a Cowboy



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