Inspirational Fiction Author H

Kelly Eileen Hake: Prairie Promises Series

  1. The Bride Bargain
  2. The Bride Backfire
  3. The Bride Blunder

Kelly Eileen Hake: Dangerous Darlyns Series

  1. Trails and Targets

Patricia Haley (with Gracie Hill):  Redeemed Series

  1. Relentless
  2. Redeemed

Irene Hannon: Heroes of Quantico Series

  1. Against All Odds
  2. An Eye For an Eye
  3. In Harm's Way

Irene Hannon: Guardians of Justice Series

  1. Fatal Judgement
  2. Deadly Pursuit
  3. Lethal Legacy

Irene Hannon: Private Justice Series

  1. Vanished
  2. Trapped
  3. Deceived

Irene Hannon:  Men of Valor Series

  1. Buried Secrets
  2. Thin Ice
  3. Tangled Webs

Irene Hannon: Hope Harbor Series

  1. Hope Harbor
  2. Sea Rose Lane 
  3. Sandpiper Cove

Lisa Harris: Mission Hope Series

  1. Blood Ransom
  2. Blood Covenant

Lisa Harris:  Nikki Boyd Files Series

  1. Vendetta
  2. Missing
  3. Pursued

Robin Lee Hatcher: Coming to America Series

  1. Dear Lady
  2. Patterns of Love
  3. In His Arms
  4. Promised to Me

Robin Lee Hatcher: Hart’s Crossing Series

  1. Legacy Lane
  2. Veteran’s Way
  3. Diamond Place
  4. Sweet Dreams Drive

Robin Lee Hatcher: Burke Family Series

  1. A Carol for Christmas
  2. Return to Me
Robin Lee Hatcher: The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs Series
  1. A Vote of Confidence
  2. Fit to be Tied
  3. A Matter of Character
Robin Lee Hatcher: Where the Heart Lives Series
  1. Belonging
  2. Betrayal
  3. Beloved

Robin Lee Hatcher: King's Meadow Series

  1.  Love Without End
  2.  Whenever You Come Around
  3.  Keeper of the Stars

Rachel Hauck: Royal Wedding Series

  1. Once Upon a Prince
  2. Princess Ever After
  3. How to Catch a Prince
  4. A Royal Christmas Wedding

Rachel Hauck:  Heart's Bend Series

  1. The Wedding Chapel
  2. The Wedding Shop

Laura Hayden: America Series

  1. America the Beautiful
  2. Red, White, and Blue

Jody Hedlund:  Beacons of Hope Series

  1. Love Unexpected
  2. Hearts Made Whole
  3. Undaunted Hope
  4. Forever Safe

Jody Hedlund: Orphan Train Series

  1. With You Always

Kristen Heitzmann: Rocky Mountain Legacy Series

  1. Honor’s Pledge
  2. Honor’s Price
  3. Honor’s Quest
  4. Honor’s Disguise
  5. Honor’s Reward

Kristen Heitzmann: Diamond of the Rockies Series

  1. The Rose Legacy
  2. Sweet Boundless
  3. Tender Vine
Kristen Heitzmann:  Michelli Family Series
  1. Secrets
  2. Unforgotten
  3. Echoes

Kristen Heitzmann: Told You Series

  1. Told You So

Dee Henderson: O’Malley Series

  1. The Negotiator
  2. The Guardian
  3. The Truth Seeker
  4. The Protector
  5. The Healer
  6. The Rescuer

Dee Henderson: Uncommon Heroes Series

  1. True Devotion
  2. True Valor
  3. True Honor
  4. True Courage ( Also published as Kidnapped )

Dee Henderson : Evie Blackwell Cold Case Series

  1. Traces of Guilt
  2. Threads of Suspicion

Kathy Herman: Baxter Series

  1. Tested by fire
  2. Day of Reckoning
  3. Vital Signs
  4. High Stakes
  5. A Fine Line
Kathy Herman: Seaport Suspense Series
  1. A Shred of Evidence
  2. Eye of the Beholder
  3. All Things Hidden
  4. Not By Chance
Kathy Herman: The Sophie Trace Trilogy
  1. The Real Enemy
  2. The Last Word
  3. The Right Call
Kathy Herman: Phantom Hollow Series
  1. Ever Present Danger
  2. Never Look Back
  3. The Grand Scheme

Kathy Herman: Secrets of Roux River Bayou Series

  1. False Pretenses
  2. Dangerous Mercy
  3. Relentless Pursuit

Kathy Herman: Ozark Mountain Trilogy

  1. Not by Sight
  2. Only By Death

Ruth Herne:  Double S Ranch Series

  1. Back in the Saddle
  2. Home on the Range

Liz Curtis Higgs: Lowlands of Scotland Series

  1. Thorn in my Heart (ebook only)
  2. Fair is the Rose
  3. Whence came a Prince (ebook only)
  4. Grace in Thine Eyes

T. L. Higley: Seven Wonders Series

  1. Shadow of Colossus
  2. City of the Dead
  3. Guardian of the Flame (ebook only)

Denise Hildreth: Savannah Series

  1. Savannah From Savannah
  2. Savannah Comes Undone
  3. Savannah by the Sea

Patti Hill: Garden Gates Series

  1. Like a Watered Garden
  2. Always Green
  3. In Every Flower

Laura V. Hilton: Amish of Seymour Series

  1. Patchwork Dreams
  2. A Harvest of Hearts
  3. Promised to Another

Laura V. Hilton:  Amish of Jamesport Series

  1. The Snow Globe
  2. The Postcard
  3. The Birdhouse

Laura V. Hilton:  Amish of Webster County Series

  1. Healing Love
  2. Surrendered Love
  3. Awakened Love
  4. White Christmas in Webster County

Vicki Hinze: Crossroads Crisis Center Series

  1. Forget Me Not
  2. Deadly Ties
  3. Not This Time

Mona Gansberg Hodgson:  Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series

  1. Two Brides Too Many
  2. Too Rich for a Bride
  3. The Bride Wore Blue
  4. Twice a Bride

B. J. Hoff: American Anthem Series

  1. Prelude
  2. Cadence
  3. Jubilee

B. J. Hoff: Mountain Song Legacy Series

  1. A Distant Music
  2. The Wind Harp
  3. The Song Weaver

B. J. Hoff: Emerald Ballad Series

  1. Song of the Silent Harp
  2. Heart of the Lonely Exile
  3. Land of a Thousand Dreams
  4. Sons of an Ancient Glory
  5. Dawn of the Golden Promise

B. J. Hoff: Song of Erin Series

  1. Cloth of Heaven
  2. Ashes and Lace
B. J. Hoff: The Riverhaven Years Series
  1. Rachel's Secret
  2. Where Grace Abides 
  3. River of Mercy
Chuck Holton: Task Force Valor Series
  1. Allah’s Fire (with Gayle Roper)
  2. Island Inferno
  3. Meltdown

Charlotte Hubbard: Simple Gifts Series

  1. A Simple Vow

Charlotte Hubbard:  Seasons of the Heart Series

  1. Summer of Secrets
  2. Autumn Winds
  3. Winter of Wishes
  4. Breath of Spring
  5. Harvest of Blessings
  6. The Christmas Cradle

Charlotte Hubbard:  Promise Lodge Series

  1. Promise Lodge
  2. Christmas at Promise Lodge
  3. Weddings at Promise Lodge
Angela Elwell Hunt: Note Series
  1. The Note: A story of Second Chances
  2. The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love

Angela Hunt: Keepers of the Rings

  1. Roanoke: The Lost Colony
  2. Jamestown
  3. Hartford
  4. Rehoboth
  5. Charles Towne

Angela Hunt: Fairlawn Series

  1. Doesn’t She Look Natural?
  2. She Always Wore Red
  3. She's in a Better Place

Angela Hunt:  Dangerous Beauty Series

  1. Esther:  a Royal Beauty
  2. Bathsheba:  a Reluctant Beauty
  3. Delilah: a Treacherous Beauty

Denise Hunter: The New Heights Series

  1. Mending Places
  2. Saving Grace
  3. Finding Faith

Denise Hunter: Nantucket Love Story Series

  1. Surrender Bay
  2. Convenient Groom
  3. Seaside Letters
  4. Driftwood Lane

Denise Hunter: Big Sky Romance Series

  1. A Cowboy's Touch
  2. The Accidental Bride
  3. The Trouble With Cowboys

Denise Hunter: Chapel Springs Series

  1. Barefoot Summer
  2. Dancing With Fireflies
  3. The Wishing Season
  4. Married 'til Monday

Denise Hunter:  Summer Harbor Series

  1. Falling Like Snowflakes
  2. Goodby Bride
  3. Just a Kiss

Kristi Ann Hunter:  Hawthorne House Series

  1. A Noble Masquerade (ebook only)
  2. An Elegant Facade
Noel Hynd: The Russian Trilogy
  1. Conspiracy in Kiev
  2. Midnight in Madrid
  3. Countdown in Cairo

Noel Hynd:  The Cuban Trilogy

  1. Hostage in Havana
  2. Murder in Miami
  3. Payback in Panama

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