Inspirational Fiction Author G

Ann H. Gabhart:   Hollyhill Series

  1. The Scent of Lilacs
  2. Orchard of Hope
  3. Summer of Joy

Ann H. Gabhart:  Shaker Series

  1. The Outsider
  2. The Believer
  3. The Seeker
  4. The Blessed
  5. The Gifted
  6. The Innocent

Ann H. Gabhart: Rosey Corner Series

  1. Angel Sister
  2. Small Town Girl
  3. Love Comes Home

Ann H. Gabhart:  Hidden Springs Mystery Series

  1. Murder at the Courthouse
  2. Murder Comes by Mail

Carre Armstrong Gardner:  The Darlings Series

  1. All Right Here
  2. Better All the Time
  3. They Danced On

Ginger Garrett: Chronicles of the Scribe

  1. In the Shadow of Lions
  2. In the Arms of Immortals
  3. Wolves Among Us

Ginger Garrett: Lost Loves of the Bible Series

  1. Chosen: the Lost Diaries of Queen Esther
  2. Desired: a Novel of Samson and Delilah
  3. Reign: The Chronicles of Queen Jezebel

Rita Gerlach:  Daughters of the Potomac Series

  1. Before the Scarlet Dawn
  2. Beside Two Rivers
  3. Beyond the Valley

Rhonda Gibson: Saddles and Spurs Series

  1. Pony Express Courtship 
  2. Pony Express Hero 

Kellie Coates Gilbert:  Texas Gold Series

  1. A Woman of Fortune
  2. Where Rivers Part
  3. A Reason to Stay
  4. What Matters Most

Sibella Giorello:   Raleigh Harmon Series

  1. The Stones Cry Out
  2. The Rivers Run Dry
  3. The Clouds Roll Away
  4. The Mountains Bow Down
  5. The Stars Shine Bright

Sharon Gillenwater:   The Callahans of Texas Series

  1. Jenna's Cowboy
  2. Emily's Chance
  3. Megan's Hero

Joseph Girzone:  Joshua Series

  1. Joshua
  2. Joshua and the Children
  3. The Shepherd (aka Joshua and the Shepherd)
  4. Joshua in the Holy Land
  5. Joshua and the City
  6. Joshua, the Homecoming
  7. The Parables of Joshua
  8. Joshua's Family (prequel)

Ruth Glover:  Wild Rose Series

  1. The Shining Light
  2. Bitter Thistle, Sweet Rose
  3. A Time to Dream
  4. Turn Northward, Love
  5. Second-best Bride
  6. A Place to Call Home

Ruth Glover:   Saskatchewan Saga

  1. A Place Called Bliss
  2. With Love from Bliss
  3. The Journey to Bliss
  4. Seasons of Bliss
  5. Bittersweet Bliss
  6. Backroads to Bliss

Rachel J. Good: Sisters and Friends Series

  1. Change of Heart
Pat G’Orge-Walker:   Sister Betty Series
  1. Sister Betty!  God’s Calling You Again!
  2. Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’s Dead
  3. Sister Betty Says I Do

Louise M. Gouge: Then Came Series

  1. Then Came Faith
  2. Then Came Hope
  3. Then Came Love

Leslie Gould:  Courtships of Lancaster County Series

  1. Courting Cate
  2. Adoring Addie
  3. Minding Molly
  4. Becoming Bea

Leslie Gould:  Neighbors of Lancaster County Series

  1. Amish Promises
  2. Amish Sweethearts
  3. Amish Weddings

Tricia Goyer:  Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War Series

  1. A Valley of Betrayal
  2. A Shadow of Treason
  3. A Whisper of Freedom

Tricia Goyer: Big Sky Series

  1. Beside Still Waters
  2. Along Wooded Paths
  3. Beyond Hope's Valley

Tricia Goyer: 7 Brides for 7 Bachelors Series

  1. Memory Jar
  2. The Promise Box
  3. Kissing Bridge

Tricia Goyer:  Pinecraft Pie Shop Series (with Sherry Gore)

  1. Made With Love
  2. Planted With Hope
  3. Sewn With Joy

Tricia Goyer: London Chronicles Series

  1. Secret Courage

Shelley Shepard Gray:   Sisters of the Heart Series

  1. Hidden
  2. Wanted
  3. Forgiven
  4. Grace

Shelley Shepard Gray:   Seasons of Sugarcreek Series

  1. Winter's Awakening
  2. Spring's Renewal
  3. Autumn's Promise
  4. Christmas in Sugarcreek

Shelley Shepard Gray:  Return to Sugarcreek Series

  1. Hopeful
  2. Thankful
  3. Joyful

Shelley Shepard Gray:  Families of Honor Series

  1. The Caregiver
  2. The Protector
  3. The Survivor
  4. A Christmas for Katie

Shelley Shepard Gray:  Heart of a Hero Series

  1. A Texan's Promise
  2. A Texan's Honor
  3. A Texan's Choice

Shelley Shepard Gray:  Secrets of Crittenden County Series

  1. Missing
  2. The Search
  3. Found

Shelley Shepard Gray:  Days of Redemption Series

  1. Daybreak
  2. Ray of Light
  3. Eventide
  4. Snowfall

Shelley Shepard Gray:  Brides of Pinecraft Series

  1. The Promise of Palm Grove
  2. The Proposal at Siesta Key
  3. Wedding at the Orange Blossom Inn
  4. A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft

Shelley Shepard Gray:  Chicago World Fair Mystery Series

  1. Secrets of Sloan House
  2. Deception on Sable Hill
  3. Whispers in the Reading Room

Shelley Shepard Gray:  Charmed Amish Life Series

  1. A Son's Vow
  2. A Daughter's Dream
  3. A Sister's Wish
  4. An Amish Family Christmas

Shelley Shepard Gray:  Lone Star Hero's Series

  1. The Loyal Heart 
  2. An Uncommon Protector 

Shelley Shepard Gray:  The Amish of Hart County Series

  1. Her Secret
  2. His Guilt 

Vanessa Davis Griggs:   Blessed Trinity Series

  1. Blessed Trinity
  2. Strongholds
  3. If Memory Serves
  4. Practicing What You Preach
  5. Goddness and Mercy
  6. The Truth is the Light
  7. The Other Side of Goodness
  8. The Other Side of Dare
  9. The Other Side of Divine

Marcia Gruver:   Texas Fortunes Trilogy

  1. Diamond Duo
  2. Chasing Charity
  3. Emmy's Equal

Robin Jones Gunn:  Christy and Todd:  The Married Years Series

  1. Forever With You
  2. Home of Our Hearts
  3. One More Wish

Robin Jones Gunn:   Katie Weldon Series

  1. Peculiar Treasures
  2. On a Whim
  3. Coming Attractions
  4. Finally and Forever

Robin Jones Gunn:  Hideaway Series

  1. Under a Maui Moon

Robin Jones Gunn:   Father Christmas Series

  1. Finding Father Christmas
  2. Engaging Father Christmas

Robin Jones Gunn:  Christy and Todd:  The Baby Years Series

  1. Sandy Toes
  2. Salty Kisses

Rene Gutteridge:   Storm Series

  1. Storm Gathering (prequel)
  2. Splitting Storm
  3. Storm Surge

Rene Gutteridge:   Boo Series

  1. Boo
  2. Boo Who
  3. Boo Hiss
  4. Boo Humbug

Rene Gutteridge:   Occupational Hazard Series

  1. Scoop
  2. Snitch
  3. Skid

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