Inspirational Fiction Author D

Kaye Dacus: Brides of Bonneterre Series

  1. Stand-in Groom
  2. Menu for Romance
  3. A Case for Love

Kaye Dacus: Ransome Trilogy

  1. Ransome's Honor
  2. Ransome's Crossing
  3. Ransome's Quest

Peggy Darty: A Cozy Mystery Series

  1. When the Sandpiper Calls
  2. When Bobbie Sang the Blues
  3. When Zeffie Got a Clue

Susan Page Davis: Frasier Island Series

  1. Frasier Island
  2. Finding Marie
  3. Inside Story

Susan Page Davis: Prairie Dreams Series

  1. The Lady's Maid
  2. Lady Anne's Quest
  3. A Lady in the Making

Susan Page Davis: Ladies Shooting Club Series

  1. Hearts in the Crosshairs
  2. The Sheriff's Surrender
  3. The Gunsmith's Gallantry

Rachell Dekker: Seer Series

  1. The Choosing
Ted Dekker:   Martyr’s Song Series
  1. Heaven’s Wager
  2. When Heaven Weeps
  3. Thunder of Heaven

Ted Dekker: Circle Series

  1. Black
  2. Red
  3. White
  4. Green : the Beginning and the End

Ted Dekker: Paradise Series

  1. Showdown
  2. Saint
  3. Sinner

Ted Dekker: Books of Mortals Series

  1. Forbidden
  2. Mortal
  3. Sovereign

Ted Dekker: Outlaw Chronicles Series

  1. Outlaw
  2. Water Walker
  3. Hacker

Mary Demuth: Defiance Texas Trilogy

  1. Daisy Chain
  2. A Slow Burn
  3. Life in Defiance

Mary Demuth: Maranatha Series

  1. Watching Tree Limbs
  2. Wishing on Dandelions

Varina Denman:  Mended Hearts Series

  1. Jaded
  2. Justified
  3. Jilted

Traci Depree:    Lake Emily Series

  1. A Can of Peas
  2. Dandelions in a Jelly Jar
  3. Aprons on a Clothesline

Melanie Dickerson: Medieval Fairy Tale Romance Series

  1. The Huntress of Thornbeck
  2. The Beautiful Pretender
Debbie Digiovanni: Motherhood Club Series
  1. Tight Squeeze
  2. Reality Queen

James C. Dobson: Fatherless Series

  1. Fatherless
  2. Childless
  3. Godless

Lena Nelson Dooley: McKenna's Daughter Series

  1. Maggie's Journey

Jessica Dotta:  Price of Privilege Series

  1. Born of Persuasion
  2. Mark of Distinction
  3. Price of Privilege

Judy Duarte: Fairbrook Series

  1. Mulberry Park
  2. Entertaining Angels
  3. The House on Sugar Plum Lane

Sharon Dunn: Bargain Hunters Mystery Series

  1. Death of a Garage Sale Newbie
  2. Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear

Sharon Dunn: Ruby Taylor Mysteries

  1. Romance Rustlers and Thunderbird Thieves
  2. Sassy Cinderella and the Valiant Vigilante
  3. Cow Crimes and Mustang Menace

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