Inspirational Fiction Author C

Amanda Cabot: Texas Dreams Trilogy

  1. Paper Roses
  2. Scattered Petals
  3. Tomorrow's Garden

Amanda Cabot: Westward Winds Series

  1. Summer of Promise
  2. Waiting for Spring
  3. With Autumn's Return

Amanda Cabot:  Texas Crossroads Series

  1. At Bluebonnet Lake
  2. In Firefly Valley
  3. On  Lone Star Trail

Amanda Cabot:  Cimarron Creek Trilogy

  1. A Stolen Heart

Candace Calvert: Mercy Hospital Series

  1. Critical Care
  2. Disaster Status
  3. Code Triage

Candace Calvert: Grace Medical Series

  1. Trauma Plan
  2. Rescue Team
  3. Life Support

Candace Calvert:  Crisis Team Series

  1. By Your Side
  2. Step by Step
  3. Maybe It's You

Kristy Cambron:  Hidden Masterpiece Series

  1. The Butterfly and the Violin
  2. A Sparrow in Terezin

Barbara Cameron: Quilts of Lancaster County Series

  1. A Time to Love
  2. A Time to Heal
  3. A Time for Peace
  4. Annie's Christmas Wish

Barbara Cameron: Stitches in Time Series

  1. Her Restless Heart
  2. The Heart's Journey
  3. Heart in Hand

Barbara Cameron: Amish Roads Series

  1. A Road Unknown
  2. Crossroads
  3. One True Path

Barbara Cameron:  Coming Home Series

  1. Return to Paradise
  2. Seasons in Paradise
  3. Home to Paradise

Janice Cantore: Pacific Coast Justice Series

  1. Accused
  2. Abducted
  3. Avenged

Janice Cantore:  Cold Case Justice Series

  1. Drawing Fire
  2. Burning Proof
  3. Catching Heat

Julie Cantrell:  Into the Free Series

  1. Into the Free
  2. When Mountains Move

Jamie Carie:  Forgotten Castles Series

  1. The Guardian Duke
  2. The Forgiven Duke
  3. A Duke's Promise

Melody Carlson:  Four Lindas Series

  1. As Young As We Feel
  2. Hometown Ties
  3. All For One
  4. Here's To Friends

Melody Carlson:  Inn at Shining Waters Series

  1. River's Song
  2. River's Call
  3. River's End

Melody Carlson: 86 Bloomberg Place Series

  1. I Heart Bloomberg
  2. Let Them Eat Fruitcake
  3. Spring Broke
  4. Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah

Melody Carlson:  Homeward on the Oregon Trail Series

  1. Westward Hearts
  2. A Dream for Tomorrow
  3. A Home at Trail's End

Melody Carlson:  Follow Your Heart Series

  1. Once Upon a Summertime
  2. All Summer Long
  3. Under a Summer Sky

Melody Carlson: Dear Daphne Series

  1. Lock, Stock, and Over a Barrel
  2. Dating, Dining, and Desperation
  3. Home, Hearth and the Holidays
  4. A Will, a Way, and a Wedding

Julie Carobini: Ottter Bay Series

  1. Sweet Waters
  2. A Shore Thing
  3. Fade To Blue

Robin Caroll:  Evil Series

  1. Deliver Us From Evil
  2. Fear No Evil
  3. In the Shadow of Evil

Robin Caroll: Justice Seekers Series

  1. Injustice for All
  2. To Write a Wrong
  3. Strand of Deception

Willard N. Carpenter: Secrets of the Son Series

  1. Prodigal
  2. Unveiling

Julie Cave:  Dinah Harris Mystery Series

  1. Deadly Disclosure
  2. Shadowed Mind
  3. Pieces of Light

Linda L. Chaikin: East of the Sun Series

  1. Tomorrow’s Treasure
  2. Yesterday’s Promise
  3. Today’s Embrace

Linda L. Chaikin:  Dawn of Hawaii Series

  1. Spoils of Eden
  2. Hawaiian Crosswinds
  3. Jewel of the Pacific

Vannetta Chapman: Shipshewana Amish Mystery Series

  1. Falling to Pieces
  2. A Perfect Square
  3. Material Witness

Vannetta Chapman:  Pebble Creek Amish Series

  1. A Promise for Miriam
  2. A Home for Lydia
  3. A Wedding for Julia

Vannetta Chapman:  Quilts of Love Series

  1. The Christmas Quilt

Vannetta Chapman:  Amish Village Mystery Series

  1. Murder Simply Brewed
  2. Murder Tightly Knit
  3. Murder Freshly Baked

Vannetta Chapman:  Jacobs Family Series

  1. Hidden
  2. Protected

Vannetta Chapman:  Plain and Simple Miracles Series

  1. Anna's Healing
  2. Joshua's Mission
  3. Sarah's Orphans

Vannetta Chapman:  Remnant Series

  1. Deep Shadows
  2. Raging Storm
  3. Light of Dawn

Judy Pace Christie:  Trumpet and Vine Series

  1. Sweet Olive
  2. Magnolia Market

Dianne Christner: The Ohio Series

  1. Proper Intentions
  2. Lofty Ambitions
  3. Ample Proportions
  4. Castor Oil and Lavender

Dianne Christner:  Plain City Series

  1. Something Old
  2. Something New
  3. Something Blue
Mindy Starns Clark: Smart Chick Mystery Series
  1. The Trouble with Tulip
  2. Blind Dates Can Be Murder
  3. Elementary, My Dear Watkins?
Mindy Starns Clark: Million Dollar Mysteries
  1. A Penny for Your Thoughts
  2. Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels
  3. A Dime a Dozen
  4. A Quarter for a Kiss
  5. The Buck Stops Here

Mindy Starns Clark (with Leslie Gould): Women of Lancaster County Series

  1. The Amish Midwife
  2. The Amish Nanny
  3. The Amish Bride
  4. The Amish Seamstress

Mindy Starns Clark (with Leslie Gould): Cousins of the Dove Series

  1. My Brother's Crown
  2. My Sister's Prayer
  3. My Daughter's Legacy 

Mindy Starns Clark (with Susan Meissner):  Men of Lancaster County Series

  1. The Amish Groom
  2. The Amish Blacksmith
  3. The Amish Clockmaker
Amy Clipston: Kauffman Amish Bakery Series
  1. A Gift of Grace
  2. A Promise of Hope
  3. Place of Peace
  4. Life of Joy
  5. A Season of Love

Amy Clipston:  Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Series

  1. A Hopeful Heart
  2. A Mother's Secret
  3. A Dream of Home
  4. A Simple Prayer

Amy Clipston: Amish Heirloom Series

  1. The Forgotten Recipe
  2. The Courtship Basket
  3. The Cherished Quilt
  4. The Beloved Hope Chest

Colleen Coble: Rock Harbor Series

  1. Without a Trace
  2. Beyond a Doubt
  3. Into the Deep
  4. Abomination
  5. Cry in the Night
  6. Beneath Copper Falls

Colleen Coble: Aloha Reef Series

  1. Distant Echoes
  2. Black Sands
  3. Dangerous Depths
  4. Midnight Sea

Colleen Coble: Lonestar Series

  1. Lonestar Sanctuary
  2. Lonestar Secrets
  3. Lonestar Homecoming
  4. Lonestar Angel

Colleen Coble: Mercy Falls Series

  1. The Lightkeeper's Daughter 
  2. Lightkeeper's Bride
  3. Lightkeeper's Ball

Colleen Coble: Hope Beach Series

  1. Tidewater Inn
  2. Rosemary Cottage
  3. Seagrass Pier

Colleen Coble: Under Texas Stars

  1. Blue Moon Promise
  2. Safe in His Arms

Colleen Coble:  Sunset Cove Series

  1. The Inn at Ocean's Edge
  2. Mermaid Moon
  3. Twilight at Blueberry Barrens

Colleen Coble:  Journey of the Heart Series

  1. A Heart's Disguise
  2. A Heart's Obsession
  3. A Heart's Danger
  4. A Heart's Betrayal
  5. A Heart's Promise
  6. A Heart's Home

Mary Connealy:  Montana Marriages Series

  1. Montana Rose
  2. Husband Tree
  3. Wildflower Bride

Mary Connealy:  Kincaid Brides Series

  1. Out of Control
  2. In Too Deep
  3. Over the Edge

Mary Connealy: Trouble in Texas Series

  1. Swept Away
  2. Fired Up
  3. Stuck Together

Mary Connealy:  Wild at Heart Series

  1. Tried and True
  2. Now and Forever
  3. Fire and Ice

Mary Connealy:  The Cimarron Legacy Series

  1. No Way Up 
  2. Long Time Gone 
  3. Too Far Down

Lori Copeland: Western Sky Series

  1. Outlaw's Bride
  2. Kiss for Cade (aka The Courtship of Cade Kolby)
  3. Walker's Wedding

Lori Copeland: Sisters of Mercy Flats Series

  1. Sisters of Mercy Flats
  2. My Heart Stood Still
  3. Amelia and the Captain

Lori Copeland: Dakota Diaries Series

  1. Love Blooms in Winter
  2. Under the Summer Sky

Lori Copeland: Seattle Brides Series

  1. A Bride for Noah
  2. Rainy Day Dreams

 Lori Copeland (with Virginia Smith) : Amish of Apple Grove Series

  1. The Heart's Frontier
  2. A Plain and Simple Heart
  3. A Cowboy at Heart
  4. A Home in the West

 Connilyn Cossette: Out From Egypt Series

  1. Counted With the Stars 
  2. Shadow of the Storm
  3. Wings of the Wind 

Lyn Cote:  Quaker Brides Series

  1. Honor
  2. Blessing
  3. Faith

Patrick E. Craig: Apple Creek Dreams Series

  1. A Quilt for Jenna
  2. The Road Home
  3. Jenny's Choice

Patrick E. Craig:  Paradise Chronicles Series

  1. Amish Heiress

W. Dale Cramer: Daughters of Caleb Bender

  1. Paradise Valley
  2. Captive Heart
  3. Though Mountains Fall

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