Inspirational Fiction Author C

Amanda Cabot: Texas Dreams Trilogy

  1. Paper Roses
  2. Scattered Petals
  3. Tomorrow's Garden

Amanda Cabot: Westward Winds Series

  1. Summer of Promise
  2. Waiting for Spring
  3. With Autumn's Return

Amanda Cabot:  Texas Crossroads Series

  1. At Bluebonnet Lake

Candace Calvert: Mercy Hospital Series

  1. Critical Care
  2. Disaster Status
  3. Code Triage
  4. Trauma Plan
  5. Rescue Team

Candace Calvert:  Crisis Team Series

  1. By Your Side

Kristy Cambron:  Hidden Masterpiece Series

  1. The Butterfly and the Violin
  2. A Sparrow in Terezin

Barbara Cameron: Quilts of Lancaster County Series

  1. A Time to Love
  2. A Time to Heal
  3. A Time for Peace
  4. Annie's Christmas Wish

Barbara Cameron: Stitches in Time Series

  1. Her Restless Heart
  2. Heart's Journey
  3. Heart in Hand

Barbara Cameron: Amish Roads Series

  1. A Road Unknown
  2. Crossroads
  3. One True Path

Janice Cantore: Pacific Coast Justice Series

  1. Accused
  2. Abducted
  3. Avenged

Janice Cantore:  Cold Case Justice Series

  1. Drawing Fire

Julie Cantrell:  Into the Free Series

  1. Into the Free
  2. When Mountains Move

Jamie Carie:  Forgotten Castles Series

  1. The Guardian Duke
  2. The Forgiven Duke
  3. A Duke's Promise

Melody Carlson:  Four Lindas Series

  1. As Young As We Feel
  2. Hometown Ties
  3. All For One
  4. Here's To Friends

Melody Carlson:  Inn at Shining Waters Series

  1. River's Song
  2. River's Call
  3. River's End

Melody Carlson: 86 Bloomberg Place Series

  1. I Heart Bloomberg
  2. Let Them Eat Fruitcake
  3. Spring Broke
  4. Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah

Melody Carlson:  Homeward on the Oregon Trail Series

  1. Westward Hearts
  2. A Dream for Tomorrow
  3. A Home at Trail's End

Melody Carlson:  Follow Your Heart Series

  1. Once Upon a Summertime

Melody Carlson: Dear Daphne Series

  1. Lock, Stock, and Over a Barrel
  2. Dating, Dining, and Desperation
  3. Home, Hearth and the Holidays

Julie Carobini: Ottter Bay Series

  1. Sweet Waters
  2. A Shore Thing
  3. Fade To Blue

Robin Caroll:  Evil Series

  1. Deliver Us From Evil
  2. Fear No Evil
  3. In the Shadow of Evil

Robin Caroll: Justice Seekers Series

  1. Injustice for All
  2. To Write a Wrong

Willard N. Carpenter: Secrets of the Son Series

  1. Prodigal
  2. Unveiling
Jack Cavanaugh: American Family Portrait Series
  1. The Puritans
  2. The Colonists
  3. The Patriots
  4. The Adversaries
  5. The Pioneers
  6. The Allies
  7. The Victors
  8. The Peacemakers
  9. The Guardians

Julie Cave:  Dinah Harris Mystery Series

  1. Deadly Disclosure
  2. Shadowed Mind
  3. Pieces of Light
Linda L. Chaikin: Trade Winds Series
  1. Captive Heart
  2. Silver Dreams
  3. Island Bride
Linda L. Chaikin: The Great Northwest Series
  1. Empire Builders
  2. Winds of Allegiance
Linda L. Chaikin: Buccaneers Series
  1. Port Royal
  2. The Pirate & His Lady
  3. Jamaican Sunset
Linda L. Chaikin: East of the Sun Series
  1. Tomorrow’s Treasure
  2. Yesterday’s Promise
  3. Today’s Embrace
Linda L. Chaikin: The Silk House Series
  1. Daughter of Silk
  2. Written on Silk
  3. Threads of Silk

Linda L. Chaikin:  Dawn of Hawaii Series

  1. Spoils of Eden
  2. Hawaiian Crosswinds

Vannetta Chapman: Shipshewana Amish Mystery Series

  1. Falling to Pieces
  2. A Perfect Square
  3. Material Witness

Vannetta Chapman:  Pebble Creek Amish Series

  1. A Promise for Miriam
  2. A Home for Lydia
  3. A Wedding for Julia

Vannetta Chapman:  Quilts of Love Series

  1. The Christmas Quilt

Vannetta Chapman:  Amish Village Mystery Series

  1. Murder Simply Brewed
  2. Murder Tightly Knit
  3. Murder Freshly Baked

Vannetta Chapman:  Jacobs Family Series

  1. Hidden

Vannetta Chapman:  Plain and Simple Miracles Series

  1. Anna's Healing

Judy Pace Christie: Green Series

  1. Gone to Green
  2. Goodness Gracious Green
  3. The Glory of Green
  4. Rally Round Green

Judy Pace Christie:  Trumpet and Vine Series

  1. Sweet Olive
  2. Magnolia Market

Dianne Christner: The Ohio Series

  1. Proper Intentions
  2. Lofty Ambitions
  3. Ample Proportions
  4. Castor Oil and Lavender

Dianne Christner:  Plain City Series

  1. Something Old
  2. Something New
Mindy Starns Clark: Smart Chick Mystery Series
  1. The Trouble with Tulip
  2. Blind Dates Can Be Murder
  3. Elementary, My Dear Watkins?
Mindy Starns Clark: Million Dollar Mysteries
  1. A Penny for Your Thoughts
  2. Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels
  3. A Dime a Dozen
  4. A Quarter for a Kiss
  5. The Buck Stops Here

Mindy Starns Clark (with Leslie Gould): Women of Lancaster County Series

  1. The Amish Midwife
  2. The Amish Nanny
  3. The Amish Bride

Mindy Starns Clark (with Leslie Gould): Cousins of the Dove Series

  1. My Brother's Crown

Mindy Starns Clark (with Susan Meissner):  Men of Lancaster County Series

  1. The Amish Groom
  2. The Amish Blacksmith
  3. The Amish Clockmaster
Amy Clipston: Kauffman Amish Bakery Series
  1. A Gift of Grace
  2. A Promise of Hope
  3. Place of Peace
  4. Life of Joy
  5. A Season of Love

Amy Clipston:  Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel

  1. A Hopeful Heart
  2. A Mother's Secret
  3. A Dream of Home

Colleen Coble: Aloha Reef Series

  1. Distant Echoes
  2. Black Sands
  3. Dangerous Depths
  4. Midnight Sea

Colleen Coble: Lonestar Series

  1. Lonestar Sanctuary
  2. Lonestar Secrets
  3. Lonestar Homecoming
  4. Lonestar Angel

Colleen Coble: Mercy Falls Series

  1. The Lightkeeper's Daughter 
  2. Lightkeeper's Bride
  3. Lightkeeper's Ball

Colleen Coble: Hope Beach Series

  1. Tidewater Inn
  2. Rosemary Cottage
  3. Seagrass Pier

Colleen Coble: Under Texas Stars

  1. Blue Moon Promise
  2. Safe in His Arms

Colleen Coble:  Sunset Cove Series

  1. The Inn at Ocean's Edge

Colleen Coble:  Journey of the Heart Series

  1. A Heart's Disguise
  2. A Heart's Obsession
  3. A Heart's Danger
  4. A Heart's Betrayal
  5. A Heart's Promise
  6. A Heart's Home

Mary Connealy:  Montana Marriages Series

  1. Montana Rose
  2. Husband Tree
  3. Wildflower Bride

Mary Connealy:  Kincaid Brides Series

  1. Out of Control
  2. In Too Deep
  3. Over the Edge

Mary Connealy: Touble in Texas Series

  1. Swept Away
  2. Fired Up

Mary Connealy:  Wild at Heart Series

  1. Tried and True
  2. Now and Forever
  3. Fire and Ice

Lori Copeland: Western Sky Series

  1. Outlaw's Bride
  2. Kiss for Cade (aka The Courtship of Cade Kolby)
  3. Walker's Wedding

Lori Copeland: Amish of Apple Grove Series

  1. The Heart's Frontier
  2. A Plain and Simple Heart
  3. A Cowboy at Heart

Lori Copeland: Dakota Diaries Series

  1. Love Blooms in Winter
  2. When Love Comes My Way
  3. Under the Summer Sky

Lori Copeland:Seattle Brides Series

  1. A Bride for Noah

Lyn Cote:  Quaker Brides Series

  1. Honor
  2. Blessing

Patrick E. Craig: Apple Creek Dream Series

  1. A Quilt for Jenna
  2. The Road Home
  3. Jenny's Choice

Patrick E. Craig:  Paradise Chronicles Series

  1. Amish Heiress

W. Dale Cramer: Daughters of Caleb Bender

  1. Paradise Valley
  2. Captive Heart
  3. Though Mountains Fall

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