Inspirational Fiction Author B

Nicole Baart: Julia DeSmit Series

  1. After the Leaves Fall
  2. Summer Snow
  3. Beneath the Night Tree

Lisa Jones Baker: Hope Chest of Dreams Series

  1. Rebecca's Bouquet 
  2. Annie's Recipe 
  3. Rachel's Dream 

Karen Ball: Family Honor Series

  1. Shattered Justice
  2. Kaleidoscope Eyes
  3. What Lies Within

Christy Barritt: Squeaky Clean Mystery Series

  1. Hazardous Duty
  2. Suspicious Minds 2.5  It Came Upon a Midnight Crime
  3. Organized Grime
  4. Dirty Deeds
  5. Scum of All Fears
  6. To Love, Honor, and Perish
  7. Mucky Streak
  8. Foul Play
  9. Broom and Gloom
  10. Dust and Obey

Tracey Bateman: Claire Everett Series

  1. Leave It To Claire
  2. Claire Knows Best
  3. I Love Claire

Tracey Bateman: Westward Hearts Series

  1. Defiant Heart
  2. Distant Heart
  3. Dangerous Heart

Tracey Bateman: Drama Queens Series

  1. Catch a Rising Star
  2. You Had Me At Good-bye
  3. That's (not exactly) Amore

Gerri Bauer:  Persimmon Hollow Legacy Series

  1. At Home in Persimmon Hollow

Jennifer Beckstrand: Forever After in Apple Lake Series

  1. Kate's Song
  2. Rebecca's Rose
  3. Miriam's Quilt

Jennifer Beckstrand: The Honeybee Sisters Series

  1. Sweet as Honey
  2. A Bee In Her Bonnet
  3. Like a Bee to Honey

June Bryan Belfie:  Zook Sisters of Lancaster County

  1. Ruth's Dilemma
  2. Emma's Choice
  3. Katie's Discovery

James Scott Bell: Trials of Kit Shannon Series

  1. A Greater Glory
  2. A Higher Justice
  3. A Certain Truth

James Scott Bell: Ty Buchanan Series

  1. Try Dying
  2. Try Darkness
  3. Try Fear

Carrie Bender: Miriam’s Journal Series

  1. A Fruitful Vine
  2. A Winding Path
  3. A Joyous Heart
  4. A Treasured Friendship
  5. A Golden Sunbeam

Carrie Bender: Whispering Brook Series

  1. Whispering Brook Farm
  2. Summerville Days
  3. Chestnut Ridge Acre
  4. Hemlock Hill Hideaway
  5. Woodland Dell’s Secret
  6. Timber Lane Cove

Carrie Bender: Dora’s Diary Series

  1. Birch Hollow Schoolmarm
  2. Lilac Blossom Time
  3. Beyond Mist Blue Mountains

Dianna Benson:  Cayman Island Trilogy

  1. The Hidden Son
  2. Persephone's Fugitive

Lori Benton: Pathfinders Series

  1. Wood's Edge
  2. Flight of the Arrows

Lisa Tawn Bergren: Full Circle Series

  1. Refuge
  2. Torchlight
  3. Pathways
  4. Treasure
  5. Chosen
  6. Firestorm

Lisa Tawn Bergren: Homeward Trilogy

  1. Breathe
  2. Sing
  3. Claim

Lisa Tawn Bergren: Northern Lights Series

  1. The Captain’s Bride
  2. Deep Harbor
  3. Midnight Sun

Lisa Tawn Bergren: Gifted Series

  1. The Begotten
  2. The Betrayed
  3. The Blessed

Lisa Tawn Bergren: Grand Tour Series

  1. Glamorous Illusions
  2. Grave Consequences
  3. Glittering Promises

J. Mark Bertrand:  Roland March Mystery Series

  1. Back On Murder
  2. Pattern of Wounds
  3. Nothing to Hide

Kristin Billerbeck: Ashley Stockingdale Series

  1. What A Girl Wants
  2. She’s Out of Control
  3. With This Ring, I’m Confused

Kristin Billerbeck: Spa Girls Series

  1. She’s All That
  2. A Girl’s Best Friend
  3. Calm, Cool, and Adjusted

Kristin Billerbeck: Trophy Wives Club Series

  1. The Trophy Wives Club
  2. Back to Life

ReShonda Tate Billingsley:  Amen Series

  1. Let the Church Say Amen
  2. Everybody Say Amen
  3. Say Amen, Again

RaShonda Tate Billingsley (with Victoria Christopher Murray:  Sinners and Saints Series

  1. Sinners and Saints
  2. Friends and Foes

Joanne Bischof:  Cadence of Grace Series

  1. Be Still My Soul
  2. Though My Heart is Torn
  3. My Hope is Found

Terri Blackstock: Sun Coast Chronicles

  1. Evidence of Mercy
  2. Justifiable Means
  3. Ulterior Motives
  4. Presumption of Guilt

Terri Blackstock: Second Chances Series

  1. Never Again Good-bye
  2. When Dreams Cross
  3. Blind Trust
  4. Broken Wings

Terri Blackstock: Newpointe 911 Series

  1. Private Justice
  2. Shadow of Doubt
  3. Word of Honor
  4. Trial by Fire
  5. Line of Duty

Terri Blackstock: Cape Refuge Series

  1. Cape Refuge
  2. Southern Storm
  3. River’s Edge
  4. Breaker's Reef

Terri Blackstock: Restoration Series

  1. Last Light
  2. Night Light
  3. True Light
  4. Dawn’s Light

Terri Blackstock: Intervention Series

  1. Intervention
  2. Vicious Cycle
  3. Downfall

Terri Blackstock: If I Run Series

  1. If I Run
  2. If I'm Found

Terri Blackstock: Moonlighter Series

  1. Truth-Stained Lies
  2. Distortion
  3. Twisted Innocence

Lawana Blackwell: Victorian Serenade Series

  1. Like a River Glorious
  2. Measure of Grace
  3. Jewels for a Crown
  4. Song of a Soul

Lawana Blackwell: Gresham Chronicles

  1. The Widow at Larkspur Inn
  2. The Courtship of the Vicar’s Daughter
  3. The Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark

Lawana Blackwell: Tales of London Series

  1. The Maiden of Mayfair
  2. Catherine’s Heart
  3. Leading Lady

Stephen Bly: Stuart Brannon Western Seires

  1. Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing
  2. False Claims at the Little Stephen Mine
  3. Last Hanging at Paradise Meadow
  4. Standoff at Sunrise Creek
  5. Final Justice at Adobe Wells
  6. Son of an Arizona Legend

Stephen Bly: Old California Series

  1. Red Dove of Monterey
  2. Last Swan in Sacramento
  3. Proud Quail of the San Joaquin

Stephen Bly: Homestead Series

  1. Strangers and Pilgrims
  2. Courage and Compromise
  3. Reason and Riots

Stephen Bly: Horse Dreams Trilogy

  1. Memories of a Dirt Road Town
  2. Mustang Breaker
  3. Wish I’d Known You Tears Ago

Stephen & Janet Bly: Carson City Chronicles

  1. Judith and the Judge
  2. Marthellen and the Major
  3. Roberta and the Renegade

Andrea Boeshaar:  Seasons of Redemption Series

  1. Unwilling Warrior
  2. An Uncertain Heart
  3. Unexpected Love
  4. An Undaunted Faith

Andrea Boeshaar: Faded Photographs Series

  1. Broken Things
  2. Hidden Things
  3. Precious Things

Andrea Boeshaar: Fabric of Time Series

  1. Threads of Hope

Mary Christner Borntrager: Ellie’s People Series

  1. Ellie
  2. Rebecca
  3. Rachel
  4. Daniel
  5. Reuben
  6. Andy
  7. Polly
  8. Sarah
  9. Mandy
  10. Annie

Michele Andrea Bowen:  Pastoras Aide Club Series

  1. Pastor Needs a Boo

Patricia Bradley: Logan Point Series

  1. Shadows of the Past
  2. A Promise to Protect
  3. Gone Without a Trace
  4. Silence in the Dark

Patricia Bradley: Memphis Cold Case Series

  1. Justice Delayed

Maggie Brendan: Heart of the West Series

  1. No Place for a Lady
  2. The Jewel of His Heart
  3. A Love of Her Own

Maggie Brendan:  Blue Willow Brides Series

  1. Deeply Devoted
  2. Twice Promised
  3. Perfectly Matched

Maggie Brendan:  Virtues and Vices of the Old West Series

  1. The Trouble With Patience
  2. A Sweet Misfortune
  3. Trusting Grace

Sandra D Bricker:  Tanglewood Series

  1. Always the Baker, Never the Bride
  2. Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride
  3. Always the Designer, Never the Bride
  4. Always the Baker, Finally the Bride

Sandra D. Bricker:  Quilts of Love Series

  1. Raw Edges

Sandra D. Bricker:  Jessie Stanton Series

  1. On a Ring and a Prayer
  2. Be My Valentino

Bill Bright & Jack Cavanaugh: The Great Awakenings Series

  1. Proof
  2. Fire
  3. Storm
  4. Fury

Vonette Bright & Nancy Moser: Sister Circle Series

  1. The Sister Circle
  2. Round the Corner
  3. An Undivided Heart
  4. A Place to Belong

Marcus Brotherton:  Rowdy Slater Series

  1. Feast for Thieves

Don Brown: Navy Justice Series

  1. Treason
  2. Hostage
  3. Defiance
  4. Black Sea Affair
  5. Malaccan Conspiracy (only ebook)

Don Brown:  Pacific Rim Series

  1. Thunder in the Morning Calm
  2. Fire of the Raging Dragon
  3. Storming the Black Ice

Don Brown:  Navy Jag Series

  1. Detained
  2. Code 13

Margaret Brownley: Rocky Creek romance Series

  1. A Lady Like Sarah
  2. A Suitor for Jenny
  3. A Vision of Lucy

Margaret Brownley:  Undercover Ladies Series

  1. Petticoat Detective
  2. Undercover Bride
  3. Calico Spy

Margeret Brownley: Brides of Last Chance Ranch

  1. Dawn Comes Early
  2. Waiting for Morning
  3. Gunpowder Tea

Wanda Brunstetter: Brides of Lancaster County Series

  1. A Merry Heart
  2. Looking for a miracle
  3. Plain and Fancy
  4. The Hope Chest

Wanda Brunstetter: Daughters of Lancaster County Series

  1. The Storekeeper’s Daughter
  2. The Quilter’s Daughter
  3. The Bishop’s Daughter

Wanda Brunstetter: Indiana Cousins Series

  1. A Cousin's Promise
  2. A Cousin's Prayer
  3. A Cousin's Challenge

Wanda Brunstetter: Brides of Lehigh Canal Series

  1. Kelly's Chance
  2. Betsy's Return
  3. Sarah's Choice

Wanda Brunstetter:  Holmes County Series

  1. A Sister’s Secret
  2. Sister’s Test
  3. A Sister’s Hope

Wanda Brunstetter: Brides of Webster County Series

  1. Going Home
  2. On Her Own
  3. Dear to Me
  4. Allison’s Journey

Wanda Brunstetter:  Kentucky Brothers Series

  1. The Journey
  2. The Healing
  3. The Struggle

Wanda Brunstetter: Discovery Series

  1. Goodbye to Yesterday
  2. The Silence of Winter
  3. The Hope of Spring
  4. The Pieces of Summer
  5. A Revelation in Autumn
  6. A Vow for Always

Wanda Brunstetter: The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club Series

  1. The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club
  2. The Tattered Quilt: Return of the Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club
  3. The Healing Quilt

Wanda Brunstetter:  Prairie State Friends Series

  1. The Decision
  2. The Gift
  3. The Restoration

Wanda Brunstetter: Amish Millionaire Series (with Jean Brunstetter)

  1. The English Son   
  2. The Stubborn Father
  3. The Betrayed Fiancee
  4. The Missing Will
  5. The Divided Family
  6. The Selfless Act

Wanda Brunstetter: Lopsided Christmas Cake Series 

  1. The Lopsided Christmas Cake 
  2. The Farmers' Market Mishap  

Wanda Brunstetter: Amish Cooking Class Series 

  1. The Seekers   

T. Davis Bunn:  Book of Dreams Series

  1. Book of Dreams
  2. Hidden in Dreams

T. Davis Bunn: Reluctant Prophet Series

  1. The Warning
  2. The Ultimatum

T. Davis Bunn: Marcus Glenwood Novels

  1. The Great Divide
  2. Drummer in the Dark
  3. Winner Take All

T. Davis Bunn: Heirs of Acadia Series

  1. The Solitary Envoy
  2. The Innocent Libertine
  3. The Noble Fugitive
  4. The Night Angel
  5. Falconer’s Quest

T. Davis Bunn:  Marc Royce Series

  1. Lion of Babylon
  2. Rare Earth
  3. Strait of Hormuz

T. Davis Bunn:  Premier Mystery

  1. Imposter
  2. The Lazarus Trap

T. Davis Bunn with Jeanette Oke:  Acts of Faith Series

  1. The Centurion's Wife
  2. Hidden Flame
  3. Damascus Way

T. Davis Bunn:  Miramar Bay Series

  1. Miramar Bay

Linore Rose Burkard: Forsythe Series

  1. Before the Season Ends
  2. The House in Grosvenor Square
  3. The Country House Courtship

Claudia Mair Burney: An Amanda Bell Brown Mystery

  1. Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man
  2. Death, Deceit and Some Smooth Jazz
  3. Deadly charm

Linda Byler:  Lizzie Searches for Love Series

  1. Running Around and Such
  2. When Strawberries Bloom
  3. Big Decisions

Linda Byler:  Sadie's Montana Series

  1. Wild Horses
  2. Keeping Secrets
  3. The Disappearances

Linda Byler: Lancaster Burning Series

  1. Fire in the Night
  2. Davey's Daughter
  3. The Witnesses

Linda Byler:  Hester Hunts for Home Series

  1. Hester on the Run
  2. Which Way Home?
  3. Hester Takes Charge 

Linda Byler:  Amish Romance Series

  1. Christmas Visitor
  2. Coming Home for Christmas (aka Mary's Christmas Goodbye)

Sandra Byrd:  French Twist Series

  1. Let them Eat Cake
  2. Bon Appetit
  3. Piece de Resistance

Sandra Byrd:  Ladies in Waiting Series

  1. To Die For
  2. Secret Keeper
  3. Roses Have Thorns

Sandra Byrd:  Daughters of Hampshire Series

  1. Mist of Midnight
  2. Bride of a Distant Isle
  3. A Lady in Disguise


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