Inspirational Fiction Author A

Ken Abraham: Prodigal Project Series

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Numbers
  4. Kings

Rick Acker: Dead Man’s Rule Series

  1. Dead Man’s Rule
  2. Blood Brothers

Stacy Hawkins Adams: Jubilant Soul Series

  1. The Someday List
  2. Worth a Thousand Words
  3. Dreams That Won't Let Go

Stacy Hawkins Adams: Spirit and Soul Series

  1. Speak to My Heart
  2. Nothing But the Right Thing
  3. Watercolored Pearls

Stacy Hawkins Adams: Winds of Change Series

  1. Coming Home
  2. Lead Me Home

Tessa Afshar:  Harvest Series

  1. Harvest of Rubies
  2. Harvest of Gold

Ginny Aiken: Silver Hills Trilogy

  1. Light of My Heart
  2. Song of My Soul
  3. Spring of My Love

Ginny Aiken: Deadly Décor Series

  1. Design on a Crime
  2. Decorating Schemes
  3. Interior Motives

Ginny Aiken: Shop-Til-You-Drop Collection

  1. Priced to Move
  2. A Steal of a Deal
  3. A Cut Above

Ginny Aiken: Carolina Justice Series

  1. Someone to Trust

Hannah Alexander: Healing Touch Series

  1. Second Opinion
  2. Necessary Measures
  3. Urgent Care

Hannah Alexander: Hideaway Series

  1. Hideaway
  2. Safe Haven
  3. Last Resort
  4. Note of Peril
  5. Fair Warning
  6. Under Suspicion
  7. Grave Risk
  8. Death Benefits
  9. Double Blind
  10. Hideaway Home

Hannah Alexander: River Dance Series

  1. A Killing Frost

Hannah Alexander: Sacred Trust Series

  1. Sacred Trust
  2. Solemn Oath
  3. Silent Pledge

Tamera Alexander: Fountain Creek Chronicles

  1. Rekindled
  2. Revealed
  3. Remembered

Tamera Alexander: Timber Ridge Reflections Series

  1. From a Distance
  2. Beyond This Moment
  3. Within My Heart

Tamera Alexander: Belmont Mansion Series

  1. A Lasting Impression

Tamera Alexander: Belle Meade Plantation Series

  1. To Whisper Her Name
  2.  To Win Her Favor

Jennifer AlLee:  Quilts of Love Series

  1. A Wild Goose Chase Christmas

Mark Ammerman: The Cross & the Tomahawk Series

  1. The Rain from God
  2. The Ransom
  3. Longshot

John Aubrey Anderson: The Black or White Chronicles

  1. Abiding Darkness
  2. Wedgewood Grey
  3. And If I Die

Mesu Andrews:  Treasure of His Love Series

  1. In the Shadow of Jezebel

Mesu Andrews: Treasure of the Nile Series

  1. The Pharaoh's Daughter

Nikki Arana: Regalo Grande Series

  1. The Winds of Sonoma
  2. In the Shade of the Jacaranda
  3. The Fragrance of Roses

Cathleen Armstrong:  Place to Call Home Series

  1. Welcome to Last Chance
  2. One More Last Chance
  3. At Home in Last Chance
  4. Last Chance Hero

Lynn Austin: Refiner’s Fire Series

  1. Candle in the Darkness
  2. Fire by Night
  3. A Light to My Path

Lynn Austin: Chronicles of the King Reprint Series

  1. God’s and Kings
  2. Song of Redemption
  3. The Strength of His Hand
  4. Faith of My Fathers
  5. Among the Gods

Lynn Austin: Restoration Chronicles Series

  1. Return to Me
  2. Keepers of the Covenant
  3. On This Foundation

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