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So what are eBooks anyway?

EBooks are digital books that you can download and read right on your screen from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Have you ever wanted to read something but either didn’t have access to the physical copy, or didn’t have time or money to go out and find it? If you have an MP3 player or an eReader/tablet you can listen to or read thousands of books right where you are. There are several ways to get eBooks for free from your Library.

Ways to Get eBooks

The Ohio Digital Library


How Do I Download eBooks?

 The world of technology can be complicated. But we’ll guide you through how to start reading ASAP. First go to either the Ohio Digital Library or Freading website and click sign in. After that, select Mansfield/Richland County Public Library on the pull down menu, and then enter a valid library card and PIN number (NOTE: If you do not have a PIN number, you may get one in person or by calling any of our locations. You must have a library card to get a PIN.) Once you've signed in, use the search feature to browse available titles. You can add yourself to the waiting list (much like the M/RCPL catalog), add an item to your cart, or download it directly to your device.

How Do I Know if My MP3 Player/eReader is Compatible?

The majority of MP3 players (including iPods) are compatible, but due to issues with Digital Rights Management (DRM), some eReaders are not. Compatible eReaders include the Apple iPad, Barnes and Noble Nook, and all Amazon Kindle models. To find out if your device is compatible, click here

Are you confused about how to download eBooks? These video demos should help! Are you having trouble with your eReader? Don't worry...we've got solutions for your toughest eReader problems!



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