eBooks and eReaders: Simple Solutions for Tough Problems

You have problems...we have solutions!eBooks and eReaders are fantastic...but what happens if  you run into problems? That's where your library comes in! We've compiled your toughest eBook and eReader questions...and how to fix them!

NOTE: For basic help topics on Adobe EPUB and  Adobe PDF, visit The Ohio eBook Project's help pages


"I can't access the library's WiFi network on my eReader."

Unfortunately, some devices--including the Literati and Nook WiFi--are unable to bypass our wireless network's security measures. eBooks can still be "sideloaded" at The Ohio eBook Project using your personal computer.

"Adobe Digital Editions isn't recognizing my eReader."

If you've successfully downloaded an eBook that shows in your Adobe Digital Editions, but your eReader doesn't show up as "Media" after you've connected it, try this trick:

1. Close Adobe Digital Editions

2. Connect/plug in your eReader.

3. Turn on your eReader, and open Adobe Digital Editions

NOTE: At this point, your computer may recognize the eReader as a storage device. Ignore prompts and/or message boxes.

4.  A media icon should appear in the left-hand column of Adobe Digital Editions.

5.  Click and drag the book into the icon.  Be sure to properly disconnect the eReader from your computer.

"Will an MP3 audio book play on my eReader?"

It really depends on which eReader you're using. Some eReaders--including the Barnes & Noble Nook and most Sony eReaders---will play MP3 files. Others--like the Kobo and the Literati--will not. For a complete list of MP3 compatible eReaders, click here.

"It says the eBook should be on my eReader...but I can't find it!"

Again, it really depends on which eReader you're using. For example, when you download an eBook onto a Barnes and Noble Nook, the book doesn't appear under "My Library"--only purchased items will appear there. Instead, the eBook will show under "My Files."

"What about returning an eBook? How does it work?"

Never worry about eBook Due Dates Again!Once you check out an eBook and open Adobe Digital Editions, there will be a banner in the top right-hand corner of the book cover that tells you exactly how many days you have to read the file. When the file says "Expired," you no longer have access to the file, and can no longer translate it to your eBook reader. At this point, it will no longer count against your total of 10 eBooks.

Return eBooks early with ADE!To return an eBook early, click the down arrow at the top-lefthand corner of the book cover. Next, click "Return Borrowed Item."


Having trouble with your eReader...but don't see a solution on the page? Contact any branch!

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