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The Seventh Scroll

By Wilbur Smith

9 copies

The Seventh Scroll, an ancient papyrus written by the slave Taita, holds the secret to the location of the Pharaoh's hidden tomb--and his staggering untold wealth. Untouched for thousands of years, the scroll is accidently discovered and instantly becomes something people will kill to obtain. Martin's Press.

From the Publisher
For four thousand years, the lavish crypt of the Pharoah Mamose has never been found-- until the beautiful Egyptologist Royan Al Simma finds a tantalizing clue to its location in the Seventh Scroll, a cryptic document written by the slave Taita.

But the location of the crypt and its treasure is a secret others would kill to possess. Only one step ahead of assassins, Royan runs for her life and into the arms of the only man she can trust, Sir Nicholas Quenton-Harper-- a daring man who will stake his fortune and his life to join her hunt for the king's tomb. Together, they will embark on a breathtaking journey to the most exotic locale on earth, where the greatest mystery of ancient Egypt, a chilling danger, and an explosive passion are waiting. Steeped in ancient mystery, drama, and action, The Seventh Scroll will pull you in for an adventure of a lifetime.

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