Suspicion of Innocence

By Batbara Parker

6 copies

Twelve years ago, in the quiet coastal town of Stuart, Florida, a beautiful young wife and mother was savagely murdered, stabbed twenty-seven times in her own bed one sunny morning. Kenny Ray Clark, a local troublemaker with a felony record, was quickly arrested, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to death. When new evidence comes to light, Miami attorney Gail Connor agrees to take the case, although her fiance, Anthony Quintana, a top criminal defense lawyer, warns her not to get involved. But one look at the trial transcript convinces Gail that her client was wrongfully convicted, and she will do everything in her power to stop the execution. Gail turns to her cousin Jackie Bryce, a rookie cop with the Stuart Police Department, to help her navigate the local terrain. Jackie is smart enough to know that the conviction stinks, and idealistic enough to care - even if it means crossing her own father, the county sheriff; and even if it brings her closer to discovering the awful truth about her parents' marriage and her mother's tragic end. In a desperate race against time, Gail must overcome her pride to ask Anthony for help. Together, they push themselves and the law to the breaking point to find the real killer. But nothing can prepare them for the layers of greed, deception, and cruelty that lay hidden for so many years behind a brutal crime. And nothing can prevent them from becoming the targets of a terrible vengeance.

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