Spoiled Rotten

By Brandi Johnson

15 copies

This review is from: Spoiled Rotten (Paperback) Chandria is a diva at heart, she is beautiful, smart, and high maintenance. Sporting the latest fashions and having money at her fingertips with the support of her big brother Jyson. He makes it his business to let his lil sis want for nothing. Chandria is the envy of many and she will not have it any other way. On top of being the baddest chick at Mansfield Senior High, she fall head over heels for Dariel Daniels, who've she had a crush on since she was six. Whatever Chandria wants, she makes it her business to get. She is hit in the face with reality when tragedy strikes and everything seems to be going down hill thereafter. Will Chandria be able to uphold her superstar status through the turmoil?

I commend Brandi Johnson for a well written first novel. The characters were definitely presented to the reader very well. I truly love Chandria and Jyson characters, some of the choices that they made I didn't agree with but everybody is not perfect and have to learn from there mistakes. There were some funny parts that made me laugh out loud but there were some parts that made me teary eyed that I didn't want to happen. I didn't want this book to end but of course it has. All 436 pages were read in 2 days. This book can be someone's true to life story. Ms. Johnson is well on her way in the literary arena.

From Amazon Books  10/21/2011

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