Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Murder

By Karen Swee

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From Publishers Weekly

In Swee's engaging first novel, set in British-occupied New Jersey in 1777, the widow Abigail Lawrence is trying to raise a teenage daughter and operate a busy tavern amid the tumult of the American Revolution. When Abigail finds the body of a guest pinned to the floor of his room with a British army sword, she's not too stunned to note that the bloodstains on the weapon are inconsistent with the wound having been the cause of death. The local English officers take a keen interest in the murder after Abigail discovers that the dead man was carrying letters addressed to none other than George Washington and John Hancock. With a minimum of historical detail, the author nicely evokes the period. While readers will probably put the pieces of the puzzle together long before the heroine does, no doubt Abigail will hone her sleuthing skills in later installments of what promises to be a fine series.
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From Booklist

Debut novelist Swee introduces Abigail Lawrence, a Revolutionary War-era widow and tavern mistress with a decided flair for solving the most difficult of puzzles. After a guest is found literally skewered to the floor in her inn, patriot Abigail is determined to unmask the murderer. Of course, nothing is as simple as it seems, and she is soon caught up in a web of espionage and counterespionage as British and American spies vie for a valuable packet of letters secreted by the dead man. When Abigail's family is endangered, she must match wits with an intriguing and attractive stranger in order to protect her loved ones from the ever-suspicious Captain Edward Philips, one of the British officers occupying the town of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Touted as the only historical mystery set during the Revolutionary War, this authentically detailed whodunit features a feisty heroine willing to take risks and make sacrifices for both her family and her fledgling country. Margaret Flanagan
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From Amazon 1/14/13

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