I Wish I had a Red Dress

By Pearl Cleage

5 copies

Bestselling author Pearl Cleage returns to the site of her Oprah pick novel, What Looks Like Crazy On an Ordinary Day, to affirm life's precious wonder once again.

Since Joyce Mitchell was widowed five years ago, she's kept herself mercifully busy by running The Sewing Circus, an all-female group she founded to provide badly needed services to single mothers and other young women at risk. But some nights, home alone, she knows something is missing. And if the state legislature cuts off funding, she'll soon not even have The Sewing Circus to fill up her life. Then one night, at dinner at the home of her best friend, Sister, Joyce finds a perfect meal and a perfect man: tall, dark Nate Anderson, whose unexpected presence touches a chord in Joyce's heart that she thought it had forgotten how to play.

From Library Journal

In her first novel, the New York Times best seller and Oprah's Book Club selection What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day, Cleage treated her audience to the life-affirming story of Ava, an African American woman diagnosed with AIDS and still finding new beginnings. In this work, she shifts her focus to Ava's widowed sister, Joyce, a social worker who counsels young black women in a community center affectionately dubbed "The Circus." When the story begins, Joyce has just lost any hope of government funding for the Circus and is looking forward to a comforting dinner with her friends, Bill and Sister. Sister, however, in typical matchmaking mode, has invited another man. An unsuspecting high school counselor, Nate proves to be the tallest, sexiest man Joyce has ever met. He also happens to be sensitive and supportive and he values her autonomy. With humor and sparkling dialog, Cleage balances the dark, abusive relationships of Joyce's clients with the delightfully healthy love between Joyce and Nate and the strength of women's friendships. These three plot lines are successfully carried to a satisfying conclusion.

From Amazon Books 11/22/11

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