Flight From Fear

By Sarah Byrn Rickman

8 copies

In Flight From Fear, dynamic young women fly fast airplanes - not always with safe, happy landings. They live, they love and, because it is wartime, they lose loved ones. World War II tested the mettle of a generation - men and women. The WASPs were not found wanting.


A rich satisfying tale... memorializing a vanishing generation...
Sarah is a grand storyteller as well as an adroit historian. -- Cindy Bonner, author of Lily and Right from Wrong

An engaging "quest" tale... a western woman becomes a new kind of pioneer - WASP pilot...
...just for female readers. -- Glenda Riley, historian of western women

Such a superb storyteller... this was a non-stop read ... A must for anyone interested in flying, WWII... life! -- Jacque Boyd, Ph.D., Aviation Historian, Oct. 2002

From Amazon Books 11/22/11

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