Fire and Fog

By Diane Day

5 copies

"With her independent spirit and youthful determination, Miss Jones is virtually invincible," raved The New York Times Book Review upon meeting Dianne Day's spunky and appealing new heroine in her debut, The Strange Files of Fremont Jones. Now Fremont Jones returns, awakened by a terrible rumbling, and nearly crushed by a falling armoire, to find herself in the midst of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

In the confusion and devastation that ensues, Fremont volunteers for the Red Cross, and learns to drive an automobile to transport supplies and handsome doctors, sparking romances along the way. Her sleuthing cohort, the elusive Michael Archer, vanishes, leaving Fremont alone to sleuth the mysteries uncovered by the earthquake and to wrestle with her romantic feelings for Michael. A smuggler's cache unearthed by the disaster leads Fremont straight into danger: kidnapped by murderous Ninjas, Fremont must find her way to safety--thwarted at every turn, as even friends become suspect. Alone Fremont picks her way through the menacing ruins of San Francisco and narrowly escapes with her life. Review

"I have something of a wild streak in me" says Fremont Jones, the heroine of Fire and Fog. First seen in The Strange Files of Fremont Jones, she returns here a survivor of the great 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. After rescuing her typewriter from the rubble, Jones goes to work helping out the Red Cross, typing letters in the home of a woman she saved during the tremor, hunting for illegal artifacts and investigating a murder. She even gets kidnapped by a ninja. That might seem like a bit much, but then, who's to say that there were no ninjas back then? Besides, the early 20th century was a busy time, and Fremont Jones is a busy, busy woman. She's also a great sleuth and an irrepressible and enjoyable adventuress.

From Booklist

Fremont Jones is the epitome of the strong-minded, independent, ahead-of-her-time woman. Slipping the restrictive bonds of her conservative Boston upbringing, Fremont has moved to San Francisco, set up her own typewriting service, and determined to make her own way in the world. But the disastrous earthquake of 1916 changes her plans, at least for the moment, and turns Fremont into a Red Cross nurse and amateur detective. In the aftermath of the quake, Fremont offers her services as a nurse, rents a room from a mysterious librarian, and winds up in the middle of a complex mystery involving a double murder, the theft of two invaluable samurai swords, and an illegal import-export business. Fortunately, the intrepid Fremont has the help of her faithful admirer Michael Archer, who not only helps her unravel the puzzling case but encourages her independent spirit and even--wonder of wonders--gives her a horseless carriage. Humorous, cleverly plotted, and thoroughly engaging. Emily Melton

From Amazon Books 11/22/11

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