Daughter of the Game

By Tracy Grant

6 copies


In 1819 London, a time when marriage is of convenience and love often a game, one fashionable couple's union seems to be a model of constancy. But on a cold November night, the disappearance of their child plunges Charles and Melanie Fraser into a nightmare of intrigue and uncertainty that stretches back to the Napoleonic War. The search for their son rips their perfect jewel-box of a life asunder, laying bare hard truths that lurk at the heart of their union.

Yet it isn't long before they hear of their child's fate from his kidnappers. His ransom is a ring...not just any ring, but the one that — legend has it — bestows power upon its owner. A ring many in power would kill to possess. As Charles and Melanie's search takes them on a journey to the underside of Regency society, they are focused to unravel a past that binds them together in unexpected ways, even as it threatens to destroy them.

From Library Journal

Grant masterfully weaves personal and political deceptions into a taut fabric of historical intrigue in 1819 England. When Charles and M‚lanie Fraser's young son is kidnapped, the motive seems to be ransom or political chicanery. However, the man behind the kidnapping wants a ring that has legendary powers to protect its wearer and rally support in a contested region of Spain. He is convinced that the Frasers know its location because of their part in the Spanish war against Napoleon seven years earlier. With only days to find the ring and save their son, Charles and M‚lanie reveal secrets about their pasts that tear through years of lies. Most notably, M‚lanie had worked as a French spy, an admission that devastates her husband. But as they unravel clues, he reevaluates his own military intelligence work and realizes that "honor" cannot be an all-encompassing guide. Grant reveals the heady nature of espionage that leads people to deceive themselves and others. Again and again she twists the plot to make the Frasers, and readers, look at actions and motives in new ways. Historical fiction fans will race through this impressive debut. Kathy Piehl, Minnesota State Univ., Mankato
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc

From Amazon Books 11/11/11

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