Caught Dead in Philadelphia

By Gillian Roberts

10 copies

Anthony Award winner for Best First Mystery Novel -- the debut of the Philadelphia-set Amanda Pepper
Amanda Pepper, English teacher at Philly Prep, does not hate her life. But when a fellow teacher who's engaged to a senate candidate, begs for rest on Amanda's couch, then dies, things could be better. Then the police suspect her of murder, she begins her own investigation, and ends by teaching a certain blue-eyed cop a thing or two....
"Gillian Roberts is a mystery reader's dream come true."

From Library Journal

Amanda Pepper comes home after a hard day teaching school to find an acquaintance dead on her hearth. All clues point to Amanda but she finds help in the guise of tall handsome police detective C.K. Mackenzie. Everything is in place for an excellent story. But the ending is a bit of a disappointment, the motive trite. However, Roberts (pseudonym of author Judith Greber The Silent Partner and Easy Answers ) has provided enough plot line and characterization to keep the reader's interest.

From Amazon Books 11/11/11

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