Book Review: Nanette's Baguette by Mo Willems

November 25, 2016

Nanette's Baguette written and illustrated by Mo Willems

Reviewed by Miss Marisa from the Main Library

MO WILLEMS HAS DONE IT AGAIN!  Well, I never doubted that he'd make another picture book that I didn't like.  I guess I should give a little bit of context.  I had never heard of Mo Willems until I was in library school, then I was introduced to The Pigeon, and I fell in love with all of Mo Willem's characters from Knuffle Bunny to Duckling to Elephant and Piggie.

His newest book, Nanette's Baguette, doesn't disappoint either. 

Nanette lives in a little French village with her mother, and her mother wants her to go to the store to get a baguette.  Nanette is excited because this is a big responsibility to go all by herself, so she is very excited.  One is reminded of Pat Hutchins's Don't Forget the Bacon when Nanette stops to play with her friend, but Nanette remembers her mission and gets to the store.  After getting the baguette, she doesn't think it'll be a problem to take one small bite, but then that bite leads to another, and to another, until, the baguette is gone!  Oh no, what is Nanette to do?  She's afraid of what her mother will say, but she goes home to face the consequences.  Will her mother be understanding?  Will they go back to the store to get another baguette?

What can I say?  I love that everything rhymes with the word baguette.  It's a semi Seuss-ian way of writing, but I think it's incredibly charming.  The illustrations are also wonderful.  I love the mixture of handcrafted cardboard backgrounds and houses mixed with Willem's simple and colorful pictures. 

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