Book Review: Octopuses One to Ten

November 15, 2016

Octopuses One to Ten by Ellen Jackson and illustrated by Robin Page

Review by Miss Marisa at the Main Library

Our review this month comes from Miss Marisa at the Main Library, she wanted to let it be known that she chose this book mainly because one of her favorite animals is the octopus. 

This book is a wonderful mixture of a concept and informative book.  Not only does it enforce counting (from 1-10), but it gives interesting facts about octopi, and also covers 10 species of octopi.  I didn't even know there so many different kinds of octopuses out there.  I thought there must be at least 5, I was so surprised!  Some fun facts she learned were an octopus only uses 6 arms to grab food, they can use 2 legs to "walk" or push off from the ocean floor, and octopuses have 9 brains (1 brain in the head, and 8 brains in each arm)!

This book is one of my new favorites.  I love how I can read it to a crowd of little ones just by reading the text specifically about counting, but if I'd like to adapt it for an older group of kids, there is supplementary informative text about each concept that is mentioned.  The illustrations are great, I liked the use of color, texture, and the cute and paste form that was used.

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