Wild World by Bastille

By Bridget - AV

October 21, 2016

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After becoming a Bastille fan in 2013 following the release of their album “Bad Blood,” I was anxious for their follow-up: “Wild World.”  One of the things that I loved the most about “Bad Blood” was that many of the songs such as “Icarus” and “Pompeii” were influenced by history and mythology.  I had hoped that this would continue to “Wild World” and was disappointed when it did not.  Instead the songs on this album are more influenced by pop culture and the lead singer’s insecurities.   One of the songs that I liked from the album is “Good Grief.”  However, I preferred the acoustic version that was released this past summer.    “Good Grief” is about death and funerals and on the album, the song is very upbeat and the music sounds overly euphoric when paired with such sad lyrics.  While “Wild World” achieves a certain feeling of vulnerability; I preferred “Bad Blood” which was simply more fun to listen to.  I also could not find any songs on “Wild World” that really stuck with me or that I wanted to listen to more than once. 

Overall Rating: D

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