Book Review: Duck on a Tractor

October 10, 2016

Duck on a Tractor by David Shannon
From Miss Jennifer at Main Library

Popular author David Shannon does it again! Get ready for another fun ride with Duck and his friends.  In Duck on a Tractor, we once again join Duck for an adventure, but this time it’s a tractor not a bike.  Follow our favorite barnyard animals as they hop aboard the tractor and join in an adventuresome drive right through the middle of town.

Each page of this book is filled with detailed and colorful illustrations.  Look at each character’s face and find it full of humorous expression.  The art wonderfully conveys the diners' reactions to the crazy sight of a tractor filled with animals.  What would your face look like if you saw Duck and his barnyard buddies driving a tractor through town?!

I enjoy the way we find out what each “oink”, “squawk”, “squeak”, and “woof” means as we follow the animals in the story.  As each animal climbs aboard the tractor, we get a peek inside their thoughts and find out what they truly are saying.  The animals’ escapade continues as they drive right down the middle of town past the popular diner.  It is entertaining to see how people say things different than what they mean which leads to some great humor.

Duck on a Tractor is a fun filled story, and it lets us explore the characters' inner thoughts and outward reactions to a silly Duck and his friends cruisin’ on a tractor.  What’s next for Duck and his friends?  Could they have an adventure on a bus, a boat, maybe a rocket ship? Let’s hope David Shannon continues the fun in future books.  In the meantime, enjoy Duck on a Tractor!

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