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September 26, 2016

INFOhio has just rolled out its latest project, the student-driven Book Nook (, a site devoted to student-created book trailers.

All Ohio K-12 students are welcome to submit original book trailers to Book Nook. Check out the guidelines and rubric for submission: . Then when the book trailer is finished, just complete the short submission form: The Book Nook team will review the content within five days. Students can submit their work, or teachers and librarians can submit on behalf of students, but the book trailer needs to be done by kids for kids.

And if your kids have never made a book trailer, no worries; Book Nook includes links to resources for educators and students, to spark creativity and guide them through the development process. Students will find links to sites that help them plan a book trailer project, find royalty free images and music, create the video, and cite their sources.

Over 180 book trailers have already been posted! Check them out:


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