Crafting With Kids: Apple Crafts

September 26, 2016

Although it still feels like summer, Fall is officially here and one of the tastiest signs of fall is the focus of our crafts this month: apples!

Apples are really tasty and good for you, and they make the perfect fall snack. But did you know that they are useful for making cool art as well? Try these apple prints by cutting an apple in half and dipping the cut half in paint then stamping it on a piece of paper. You could also make pumpkins out of your apple prints by using orange paint. For a little more difficult craft activity, here is an apple building craft to get your creative juices flowing.

Even though not considered a craft, here's a way to use any extra seeds from your craft apples.

For some paper apple crafts, try making this cute worm in apple craft. The little green worm peeking out of the apple is easy and fun to make. Or create some coffee filter apple art with a coffee filter, paper apple frame, and markers.

Apples come from trees, which makes another fun craft idea! Here is a simple apple tree craft for toddlers and preschoolers to make to help them gain essential skills for kindergarten. For a little more of a challenge, try this yarn wrapped apple tree using yarn, cardboard, and pompoms. And for a really cool but slightly more complicated craft, here's an apple tree made out of a cardboard tube, tissue paper, and buttons.

We hope you enjoy Fall and all the fun things the season brings--especially apples!


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