Crafting with Kids: Popsicle Stick Race Cars

August 29, 2016

Saturday was the Heart of the City Cruise-In downtown at Central Park in Mansfield. We celebrated with a craft that is super easy, and super fun for big and little kids alike! If your kids like cars (like most kids do!), then be sure to gather up some supplies and help your children make their own race car friends.

Materials Needed:

6 small craft sticks or 3 large craft sticks and 1 small craft stick
scraps of colored paper
white craft glue & glue stick
markers or crayons


  1. Lay either 4-5 small or 3 large craft sticks together side by side. Break a small craft stick in half and glue one piece across the top and one piece across the bottom. This will stabilize the craft sticks so you can decorate the flat side. When dry, turn the craft sticks over so the flat side is facing up.

  2. Using a marker or crayon, color the sticks (one color or lots of colors). Take the scraps of paper and cut two small wheels. Cut a large semi circle for the top of the car, a small & wide semi circle for the headlight, and a small triangle for the spoiler. 

  3. Glue the pieces to the sticks so that the finished project looks like a race car.  Write numbers on the side of the car.

Check this website out for pictures of some one-of-a-kind race cars!

We also had some plastic tracks and mini cars out so the kids could build race tracks and race cars. Kids and parents had a blast building and rebuilding!




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