Dreams Rewired

By Bridget - AV

August 26, 2016

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Dreams Rewired is a German and Austrian produced, award-winning essay documentary that uses rare, pre-1940 archival film footage to show how our current cultural obsession with technology and communication isn’t so new.   Before Facebook and Twitter there was the telephone, wireless radios, early cinemas and television.  The film shows how the nostalgia some feel for the “disconnectedness” of the past is misplaced.  Feelings of fear and anxiety over how technology changes the way we communicate happen with each generation.  Tilda Swinton provides the narration of the essay.  The film is worth watching solely for her ethereal and hypnotic voiceover.  History fans and lovers of old films will enjoy the hundreds of archival footage clips.  My main criticism of the film is that the clips are shown in rapid succession, and I found that to be a bit jarring.  Overall, I enjoyed this documentary.  It certainly left me with a lot to think about. 

Overall Rating :  A

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