Happy Birthday Sherri Rinker!

August 4, 2016

Guys!  It's one of our favorite author's birthdays today.  Her name is Sherri Rinker, and if her name seems unfamiliar, that's alright, but we're sure you've heard of Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site or Steam Train, Dream Train. 

We love how wonderfully Sherri incorporates fun rhymes, adorable pictures, and most of all, things that go into her picture books.

How did she start writing and illustrating?  She always had a love of picture books from the time she was a little kid.  When she was 5, she decided to be an artist.  When she was in grade school, she found out that she loved poetry.  Even though she didn't become an author and illustrator until 2008, she always had that love of pictures and words.

She started writing for her children because she liked to share stories with her family. She loved to read books with her children from Magic Treehouse to Harry Potter to Big Nate.  She says, "The bonding experience of reading together, the exposure to art through the artistry of picture books, hearing the rhythms of sounds, exploring worlds beyond our own- that is, for me, the unequaled magic of books."

One of our favorite's is Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site:

More Information:

  • Check out books and other things from Sherri Rinker from the library

  • Find out more about Sherri Rinker at her website

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