Crafting with Kids: Olympics Crafts

July 16, 2016

This year's theme has been all about sports, fitness, and staying active. And next month the Summer Olympics are coming to Rio; they're a super family event that the whole family can enjoy. We've got some crafts and activities that you can do at home to celebrate being healthy, staying fit, and learning about Brazil.

This last week Miss Mary put out an activity cube with a variety of simple and fun activities for kids to do to earn a gold medal. You can make one out of folded paper, a wrapped square box, or purchase a giant die. On each of the six sides, put a different physical activity like:

  • touching your toes 10 times

  • doing 10 jumping jacks

  • completing 10 push-ups

  • trying out a hula hoop

  • balancing on one foot for as long as possible

  • and skipping 10 times

Write the activities on pieces of paper, and either tape or glue them to the die. Each time a child rolls the die, there is an activity to complete. Here's a printable one with very simple activities for even the youngest child.

We also offered a two crafts to celebrate the Olympics and the host country, Brazil. To make an Olympic torch, cut a paper towel tube in half and wrap it in aluminum foil. Using tissue paper, put red, orange, and yellow paper gathered at one end and stick it into the top of the tube. If it comes out, you can secure the end with tape.

The Brazilian Carnival hat is a great way to be creative and celebrate the culture of Brazil. Cut a semi-circle or another shape out of construction paper or craft foam. Decorate the hat shape with colorful feathers, shiny beads or sequins, ribbons, or whatever else you have on hand. Cut a long strip of paper or foam to staple to the sides of the hat shape to fit your child's head (like a headband), with the hat facing out.

Enjoy the Olympics next month, and stay healthy, friends!


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