Illustrator Spotlight: Matt Tavares

July 6, 2016

We're sure you're used to seeing our Summer Library Program slogan... you know...


We're also sure you used to seeing the artwork that goes along with our SLP slogan, but if you're a little fuzzy, here's a refresher:

The person behind that awesome artwork is Matt Tarvares.  Matt was born in Boston, and has been a baseball fan since day one, "I've always loved playing baseball and watching the Red Sox. It was just always a part of my life. "  Since our Summer Library program theme is sports and exercise themed, he seems like the perfect artist to capture "On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!"

He was always interested in drawing as well as sports, "My parents say that even when I was 2 years old, I was drawing all the time. It's just something I always loved to do. I think we all start drawing at the same time, when we're 1 or 2 years old, just old enough to hold a crayon without trying to eat it! When we're little kids, we ALL draw. But then as some people get older, they stop drawing. Those of us who become artists when we're grownups are just the ones who never stopped."

He has published 16 books which have won numerous awards, but his best known books are:

  • Zacahry's Ball is about when Zachary’s father catches a foul ball at Fenway Park and gives it to him, something really amazing happens. Zachary finds himself on the pitcher’s mound, wearing a Red Sox uniform and playing against New York! As long as Zachary has the ball, all his baseball fantasies seem to come true. But can he hold on to its magic?

  • Lady Liberty is about the planning and building of the Statue of Liberty.  It gives us a special look at the people who made this great landmark possible and the hope it brings to all.

  • Mudball is about Andy Oyler, the shortest player on his baseball team, the Minneapolis Millers, not to mention the whole league. And no matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to get a hit. But one fateful spring day in 1903, a sudden change in the weather leads to a change in Andy Oyler’s luck—and as Andy soon discovers, even the shortest player can become the game's biggest hero!

His books whether he writes and illustrates or just illustrates are amazing, so check out his books from the library today!


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