By Fate - AV

June 24, 2016

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Anomalisa is the subject of this review.  I prefer to talk about something I have enjoyed - a music CD, a book.  This time it will be a movie.  Well, it is a movie, but the only interesting part of this one was right after the opening credits.  The screen fades to black and you hear men's voices - conversing, laughing - which along with the black screen goes on for several moments.   Then, unfortunately, the movie starts.  The Ratings Box states "R for strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language".  This movie gives a new meaning to "graphic" nudity.  And yes, there is a considerable amount of profanity.  There was a popular TV comedy series that based its premise on "nothing".  Essentially, I could not find a better description for the premise of this movie.  The characters were 'robotic', even the voices of the males and females sounded pretty much the same.  This review is probably about as charming as the movie.  

Overall Rating:  D-

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