Happy Father's Day!

June 19, 2016

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It's Father's Day today! The day we celebrate dads for doing a great job all year. Dads may not like flowers or cards as much as mothers do, but how about some ideas for unique service gifts for dads? You can take inspiration from Little Critter, who loves to help his dad in Just Helping My Dad by Mercer Mayer.

Other ideas like these are sure to please!

  • raking the grass after he mows

  • helping to wash the car or vacuum inside it

  • offering to take out the trash or take it out to the curb

  • shining his dress shoes

  • fixing a plate of super nachos and bringing it to him while he's watching a game or movie on tv

  • sweeping out the garage

What else could you do? Read to him, of course! Find a great book here at the library!


 father's day collage


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