Happy Birthday, Laura Vaccaro Seeger!

June 11, 2016

Happy Saturday! It's children's author & illustrator Laura Vaccaro Seeger's birthday today! 

Creator of books featuring memorable characters like Dog and Bear, as well as books which delve into the alphabet, colors, opposites, and words within words, Ms. Seeger has a distinctive style that has garnered numerous awards of distinction. Those awards include multiple Caldecott Honors and Geisel Honors in addition to being on plenty of "best" lists.

Two Friends, Three Stories (Dog and Bear Series)BullyFirst the EggHappy Birthday,
Laura Vaccaro Seeger!

Ms. Seeger has always been an artist. She only recently (in the past 10+ years) has become a celebrated children's author and illustrator, although as long as she can remember she always wanted to make picture books.  After giving us books like Bully, about a small bull who discovers he's been a big bad bully himself, and First the Egg, which shows how things transform from one thing into another, we can't wait to see what comes next!  See all of Laura Vaccaro Seeger's books in our catalog to find your new favorite book!






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