Book Review: Just My Luck

May 31, 2016

Just My Luck by Cammie McGovern
From Miss Caroline at Main Library

I have always loved reading middle-grade fiction, and this story is the perfect example of what I enjoy about it — the characters are ones I can't help but root for, the plot is different and interesting, and the writing is realistic and draws me in from the very beginning.

Just My Luck by Cammie McGovern features Benny, who is just an average boy, but one for whom great things never happen. In fact, he feels like nothing good EVER happens, and he's sure that the only luck he has is bad luck. Benny worries about regular kid things like not being able to ride a bike with much confidence and not having any friends since his one friend moved away. He also worries about things like his dad's head injury, not getting recognized for good deeds at school, and being sent to a remedial reading class. Worst of all, Benny feels like most of the bad things that happen are basically his fault.

What Benny doesn't realize, however, is that he's kind, naturally compassionate, and thoughtful, characteristics that are just what his family members and teacher at school each need to help ease them through some trying and emotional times. Although Benny can't do much, what he can do is just the right thing for his circumstance; and that is what makes Benny the true hero of this story. Benny shows that he can make his own luck, and that's exactly the kind of story I love!

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