Crafting With Kids: Calming Jar

May 16, 2016

Miss Marisa encountered this craft when she worked at a different library, and she is very excited to share this fun craft idea with all of you!

One of her co-workers made a calming jar for her kids when they went in time out.  The jar would be shaken, and glitter would swirl around in pretty patterns. The goal of the calming jar, was the child had to practice deep breaths, sit still, and watch until all the glitter settled back into the bottom of the jar.  Not only is it effective with kids, Miss Marisa would use it herself when she got frustrated- and it really works!  Not only is this an effective way to calm a child down, it can be a fun to play with!

This is a very simple craft.  Here are all the supplies you'll need:

- A clear container (glass or plastic)

- Clear Elmer's Glue

- Hot water

- Food coloring

- Glitter

- Super glue



1. Mix 1 tablespoon clear Elmer's glue with every cup of hot water.

2. Add a couple drops of food coloring.

3. Add glitter.

4. Super glue the lid on tight.


We do warn parents/guardians not to leave a child unattended with glass objects, since they're easily breakable.  We hope you and your child can make this fun craft together!

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