Book Review: Under Their Skin

May 6, 2016

Under Their Skin by Margaret Peterson Haddix
From Miss Caroline at Main Library

This month's first review is a futuristic thriller by Ohio author Margaret Peterson Haddix. In Under Their Skin, we get to know Nick and Eryn, 12-year-old twins who are preparing for their mom to be remarried. Living part time with their mom and part time with their dad seems to be working, so adding a step parent into the family doesn't seem like a big deal. They are told that they will never meet their step siblings, and although this seems unusual, they keep their curiosity at bay until one fateful snowy day when the two are left home alone. Together they track down where Jackson and Ava live, and it is there that they discover the shocking truth as to why they were kept from knowing about them.

If you like science fiction books, or any of the previous books written by Margaret Peterson Haddix, you'll love this new one. It takes you on a journey that you almost won't believe, and one that like Nick and Eryn, you'll be left questioning everything any adult ever told you. You almost won't be able to wait for the sequel, we promise!

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