Happy National Card and Letter Writing Month

April 23, 2016

Snail mail…

It’s still a thing, but now we think of snail mail as just for bills, junk mail, and birthday cards.  Well, do you remember a time when people sent each other letters rather than using email?

If you still love to send out letters or cards to friends and family, you’re in luck!  April is National Card and Letter Writing Month!  Started by the United States Postal Service, they put together a packet that families can use to write letters or cards to each other.  Their hope is, “you and your child routinely experience the joy of receiving (and sending) hand-written letters.”  You can find a packet that is chock full of activities here.

A few books that may be helpful in your letter writing are How to Write a Thank You Letter and How to Write a Letter both by Cecelia Minden.

If you need help addressing an envelope, this handy video will tell you all you need to know!

Who do you think you will write a letter to this month?  Grandma or grandpa? Aunt or uncle? Sister or brother? Friend? Teacher?  

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