Poetry Contest Winners

April 7, 2016

Congratulations to the winners of our 2016 Children's Poetry Contest!


1st Place (1st-3rd grade): A Shooting Asteroid by Madilynn Herzberger, Homeschool

Way up in the sky, what do I see?

Something fiery and round...


A streak it could be?

Hmm I'll ask my mom.

She said it is something else afar!

An asteroid!  I'll name it Tom.


2nd Place (1st-3rd grade): Bunnycorn by Owen Hubbard, Mansfield Spanish Immersion School


Cute, cool

Hopping, trotting, wiggling

Bunny plus unicorn.



3rd Place (1st-3rd grade): Mason by Jayden Goings, Mansfield Spanish Immersion School


Funny, crazy

Eating, adorable, caring

Jayden's little brother



1st Place (4th-5th grade): How to Be a Shark by Ben Williams, Discovery School

Be in JAWS

Lurk in the darkness

Cut through the water

Be carnivorous

Smell for blood

Find food




Regrow your lost teeth


2nd Place (4th-5th grade): Jazz by Kaiya Bookman, Foundation Academy

Hear him sing,

"Skoodly bop bop."

Listen to the instruments ring,

Tinkle, ring, ring, tinkle

Hear the drum,

Thump, drum, thump, drum.

I hear the trumpet,

Toot, honk, toot.


Wait... it stopped.  Let's go home.


3rd Place (4th-5th grade): Horses by Sarah Porter Mansfield Spanish Immersion School


Fast, running

Playing riding run

Run play and hide like

To play with horses all day

And night pretty fast

Running playing

The fun will




1st Place (Spanish): La Estrella y La Luna by Chloe Medina, Mansfield Spanish Immersion School

La estrella

Brillante, amarilla

Brillar, alumbrar, desear

Puntos, amarillo y cielo, azul

Dormir, observar, mirar

Dura, redonda

la luna.


2nd Place (Spanish): Las Flores y las abejas by Samuel Crawford, Mansfield Spanish Immersion School

Las flores

Bonitas, coloridas

Vivar, crecer, oler

Nectar, semilla y alas, antenas

Vivar, picar, recolectar

Pequenas, amarillas

Las abejas.


3rd Place (Spanish): Muchus Animales by Grahm, Mansfield Spanish Immersion School

Veo una pajarito

y una pecerito

y unugutito y

una patito y perito.


We had a great turnout this year for the contest.  Thanks for all of the fantastic poems!  You can see them in person at the Main Library through April 22nd.

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