Happy Birthday Sandra Boynton

April 3, 2016

Moo! Baa! La! La! La! 

(That’s barnyard animal talk for Happy Birthday)


Sandra Boynton is one of our favorite authors and today is her birthday!  She is best known for a never ending series of board books and music CDs.

She got her start designing greeting cards when she was still in college, and even wrote and illustrated her first picture book when she was at Yale (though according to her, she wrote her first book when she was four).  She has written a lot of books since 1977, and approximately 60 million copies have been sold.  That’s pretty impressive!!!

Some of our favorite books by Sandra Boynton are: Blue Hat, Green Hat, Moo, Baa, La! La! La!, Belly Button Book, and Barnyard Dance.

Sandra Boynton also writes and produces songs for CDs.  According to Boynton, “my secret ambition of being a rock star was still unrealized due to the fact that, in all the excitement, I forgot to do that. And also due to the appalling indifference of a fickle music-buying public. And also perhaps because I don’t really sing and can’t really play any instrument. So I decided to write and produce music instead because hey, how hard can THAT be?”  She also created music videos for her most popular songs with cameos from Kevin Bacon to B.B. King. 

Her advice to aspiring authors?

“Be yourself. Eat a balance diet. Um, remember to say I love you.”

That’s pretty good advice if we say so ourselves.

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