Book Review: Nerdy Bird

March 26, 2016

Nerdy Bird by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Matt Davies

Review by Miss Marisa at the Main Library

I have a confession to make; I love the author, Aaron Reynolds.  There is something about his stories that are so sharable!  So, I wanted to share his newest book, Nerdy Bird with all of you!

Poor Nerdy Bird, he is not a cool bird.  You can tell because he wears big glasses, his wings are too small, and he can’t hang out with the other birds at the bird feeder because he’s allergic to birdseed.  He will never be cool like Eagle, Cardinal, and Robin (you can tell they’re cool because they have impressive physiques, they’re good at posing, and love to eat worms).  Nerdy Bird loves to read books, play video games, and read about video games. 

Nerdy Bird is lonely, but one fateful day he meets a group of other nerdy birds that take him under their wing.  Their glasses are also too big, their wings are also too small, they like to read, and play World of Wormcraft.  They are exactly like Nerdy Bird. 

One day a vulture moves to town, and neither the cool or nerdy birds want to hang out with her.  Vulture doesn’t have glasses, she eats dead animals, and she’s just plain WEIRD.  Nerdy Bird doesn’t understand, his new group of friends is so accepting of him, but not of Vulture.  What should Nerdy Bird do?  Should he shun Vulture like his nerdy friends or should he befriend another lonely bird? 

I probably chose Nerdy Bird because just like Nerdy Bird, I am also a nerd.  But what I ended up loving about this book is that is talks about inclusion.  Nerdy Bird wants to be friends with everyone no matter how different a bird may be. 

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