National Day of Unplugging

March 4, 2016

We all love our mobile devices because they keep us connected to everyone and everything. Cell phones are also our computers, cameras, GPS, music players, e-readers and so much more! While it is important and necessary to be plugged in, it is also crucial to unplug every once in a while. That's right — turn it off, put it down, and forget about it!

The National Day of Unplugging is held from sundown on Friday, March 4th to sundown on Saturday, March 5th. Not sure if you can completely unplug? Try pairing down how often you check your device for email, text messages, or Facebook updates. Your family will appreciate your effort, and you might even have a good time setting technology aside!

Here are some great ideas for you and your family to unplug and reconnect with each other:

  • Try out a new recipe, or get out a traditional family favorite, and give the finished product to a friend.

  • Play board games and card games, letting each family member choose one to play.

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood and make a point of talking to neighbors when you see them.

  • Visit the library! We have actual *real* books for you and your family to check out.

  • Dump out the junk drawer and create something new from something old or broken.

  • Write a letter to a relative or friend who lives far away. Decorate the envelope before sending it.

  • Make a list of 100 things you are thankful for. Can't think of that many? Have each family member add suggestions and see how many you can come up with.

Enjoy unplugging with your family!


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