Happy Birthday, Anne Rockwell!

February 8, 2016

Today is author and illustrator Anne Rockwell's birthday!

Ms. Rockwell has been writing and illustrating books for children since 1961! Her books reflect her many, varied interests, and cover a wide range of topics. She has written over 100 books during her career, ranging from nonfiction books and biographies to story books and books for the very young. Some of Ms. Rockwell's best-known titles include nature books like Our Stars and Our Earth, story books like Valentine's Day, and books for the very young, such as Here Comes the Night and The Toolbox.

Growing up, painting and drawing came naturally for Ms. Rockwell, as did her love of reading. She knew she wanted to be an artist but wasn't sure where it would lead her. It wasn't until her daughter Hannah was born that she realized what she wanted to do with her skills:

"Sharing the joy of reading with [daughter Hannah] was one of the greatest pleasures I’ve ever had. I was sure that creating books for children was what I was meant to do." (source)

Here at the library, we have a great selection of books by Anne Rockwell. Help us celebrate this author's amazing career by reading one of her books today!

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